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TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15 – East

By Megan Wilde

TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15 - East

This is a long, boring episode that feels like a lot of killing time till they get to the shocker at the end of the season. “East” consists of a lot of people walking around and talking, and not really advancing anything, for the most part. We still don’t really know what happened to Carol, we’re no closer to Negan, and Glenn may be in trouble yet again.

We get to see Carol’s point of view a little as she decides to leave the group, and we see that she is still willing to kill when she needs to, as she encounters a truck full of threatening men on her way to who knows where. There is a cool moment when they decide to come for her and she shoots them with a gun hidden in her coat sleeve, but mostly this just feels like more of the same: a group threatening someone for no apparent reason. I know it’s the apocalypse, but I guess people can’t just live and let live anymore, ever? Carol and the group pass each other on the road, in their respective vehicles, and the truck shoots her car’s tires so she has to stop. Why so threatening right off the bat ? And then if you’re going to do things like that, don’t be surprised when people jump to the conclusion that you mean harm, Poor Man’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15 - East

I’m not scared of you, Third Rock From the Sun.


Anyway, they guess where she’s from, though she doesn’t let on, and they seem to know a bit about Alexandria, like the cars with spikes, one of which she is driving. She doesn’t give them her real name but is shaken that they know about Alexandria, and she doesn’t want to lead them there, so when they start to come for her, she shoots them. One of them, though, isn’t wounded very badly, and after a bit wakes up and seems to take off after her. So it’s possible she’s being trailed by him, but we never really see, so we’re not sure. Rick and Morgan are tracking her, or possibly the guy who took off after her (they and we don’t know whose blood they are seeing), but they don’t find anyone, and Morgan sends Rick back to town and says he’ll find Carol. So obviously we’re not done with this plot, but instead of feeling like a setup for something, this feels like wasted time.

TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15 - East

Morgan and Rick, intensely wasting a great deal of time.

But this is really the only action for most of the episode. The rest is various groups wandering in search of her or Daryl, who possibly left in search of her, but maybe really is searching for Dwight so he can kill him to make things right. There’s A LOT of walking and talking in this episode, and it drags.

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The only other things of note are Maggie’s couple of scenes with Enid, and Daryl’s scene toward the end. Maggie finds Enid looking through supplies, and Enid offers to take Maggie’s shift so she can rest — and eat pickles. It’s a nice continuation of their earlier interactions, wherein Maggie offered to be there for Enid if she ever needs to talk. Now Enid is repaying the kindness and letting Maggie rest, while also contributing. And then Enid is there later, when Maggie requests a haircut, which fans of the comic will recognize. But then she starts to feel pains, and something is wrong with the baby — but we’re left there, we don’t know what is going on yet.

TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15 - East

Poor Glenn can’t stay out of trouble.


And Daryl rides off on his motorcycle, presumably after Carol, but in the end he seems to be hunting Dwight. Rosita, Glenn and Michonne take off after Daryl, and eventually they find him. They try to get him to come back, but he says he can’t, and Glenn and Michonne head back, but Rosita says Daryl is right and she can’t either, so she heads off after him. Glenn and Michonne are surrounded by Dwight and his men in the woods, so when we leave them, they are bound and gagged. Daryl comes upon them, and Glenn tries to warn him because Dwight is standing behind him — and as Daryl turns around to surrender, Dwight shoots him! But then we hear Dwight saying, “You’ll be all right,” so Daryl probably isn’t dead. My guess is it’s a shoulder wound, but it’s a shocking scene because at first you think that that might be it for Daryl. But they couldn’t kill off Daryl that way, it doesn’t have enough weight.

TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15 - East

“You’ll be alright”

But that almost makes the episode even more maddening, because it feels like a lot of treading water before a lead-up to a shock — but then the shock isn’t even that shocking, if Daryl isn’t dead. (Not that I wish him dead.) I feel like we’re missing a big payoff that should be there, and this episode almost feels disposable, because it doesn’t seem like it really sets anything up for Negan next week, and it doesn’t advance much, so … what was the point?

FBI SCORE: 6 out of 10. “East” is a disappointing episode for a number of reasons, but mainly because it doesn’t really go anywhere or achieve much. There are a couple of tense moments, but there are a lot of loose ends that don’t seem to go anywhere, and we don’t really find out what happens to Carol, when it starts out looking like we will.

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