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TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14 – Twice As Far

By Megan Wilde

TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14 - Twice As Far

Oh boy. “Twice As Far” is a doozy. It starts off by lulling us into thinking it will be a rather tame episode, and then — boom, not so tame after all. It begins with a montage of various people doing the same things in different outfits, to show the passage of time. A couple of significant things in here, though, are Morgan building a jail cell so that “next time, we have choices,” as he tells Rick. Eugene is now taking shifts on guard duty, with approving looks from Sasha. Carol is smoking regularly, it seems, while ruminating over her crucifix, and she’s living with Tobin. She looks conflicted, so it seems the show is sending her over to Morgan’s side for real — which I, for one, don’t like. I understand that she might be reluctant about killing, but to this degree? After she’s seen what people are like now? After the Wolves, and Terminus? It doesn’t fit, to me. Carol and Daryl have a moment in here where they talk about it, and she sees that he got his motorcycle back from the people in the burnt forest. He says he should have killed them — this will be important later.

Two groups go out on runs in this episode: Eugene and Abraham, and Denise recruits Daryl and Rosita to take her to an apothecary shop she passed before she came to settle at Alexandria, hoping they’ll find medicines. She’s feeling restless while Tara is gone, and wants to do something to help the community and prove to herself that she can take risks. Maybe it’s hindsight talking, but I don’t know how Rick, or anyone, allowed the town’s only doctor to go out on a run like this, even if she is with two of the most formidable fighters the town has.

So Denise, Daryl and Rosita head out in a truck, and let me just say that Daryl trying to drive a stick is a joy to behold. Denise cannot contain her pain at how he’s handling it. It’s fun to see Daryl actually be not so great at something once in a while. They come to a tree fallen across the road, so they get out to walk — and then they split up. What? Hasn’t it been drilled into everyone that when you’re out with a group, you stay together? But no, Rosita says the train tracks are faster than the road and goes by herself, while Daryl and Denise take the road. They meet up uneventfully, thank goodness, and go into the apothecary shop.

Daryl and Rosita clear the way for Denise to go in. Denise still seems fairly timid at this point, though it’s obvious she’d like to be trusted with something to do, and then she wanders into a back room while the other two are gathering medicines (which, she was right — the shop was stocked), and she sees a scene that shakes her to her core. There’s a very decomposed-looking walker with a cast on its leg in there, and “HUSH HUSH HUSH” written all over the walls. There are play pens in there too. She finds a bloody table or sink and a toddler’s shoe, and then runs out of the room and goes to sit outside to compose herself. I feel this is where she decides to stop being timid and take more risks. I think it has hit her that there’s no point in living if you’re not going to do the hard things sometimes and always be scared. I think she’s wishing she’d told Tara that she loves her and not been scared.

On Abraham and Eugene’s trip, these two together make for some colorful phrasing. They discuss Eugene’s hair, since he is now pulling it back into a ponytail, which Abraham sort of makes fun of but Eugene says symbolizes his evolvement to Phase 2. He’s a survivor now, he says. Abraham says he should keep telling himself that — and then, hilariously, he does! They end up in a building with some metal-melting pots and such, and Eugene reveals the reason for this mission: He thinks he can manufacture ammunition. This is so great and so vital. Imagine how much they’ll be able to get for ammunition in trading with the Hilltop. If it works, that will almost guarantee their place as a vital part of society. And Eugene really is growing here. He’s not afraid anymore, he’s taking more responsibility and has more confidence, and he’s taking charge of things in his wheelhouse and helping the community.

TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14 - Twice As Far

That’s a real nice ponytail, Eugene.

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Abraham is truly impressed as well, and compliments him, but then a walker comes toward them, and Eugene wants to kill it but looks like he’s struggling, so Abraham steps in and kills it before it gets Eugene. Well, Eugene is pissed, and they fight a bit, ending with Eugene telling Abraham he doesn’t need his protection anymore and Abraham walking out on him, saying he can find his own way home. I guess they are breaking up!

TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14 - Twice As Far

Eugene, getting his hands dirty for once.

Denise and her group are heading back as well, this time all of them together on the tracks. Denise sees a car with a cooler inside, and goes to investigate. There’s a walker in the car, and she tries to get the cooler, but the walker falls out on top of her and she is a little shaky about it but ends up killing it. Then she promptly throws up on her glasses. Inside the cooler are cans of soda, and she takes one for Tara. Rosita and Daryl chastise her for putting herself in danger like that, and she comes back at them, saying she has to take risks if she wants to live. She gives a great speech about being afraid to tell Tara she loves her, and how both Daryl and Rosita are so strong and such good people — AND THEN. All of a sudden, there’s an arrow sticking out of her eye! Readers of the comics will recognize this as how Abraham dies, almost exactly, down to the way they both keep talking for a few seconds. Oh, it’s so sad. I was taken completely by surprise when I read it in the comics, and I was here as well. What a shocker — the show really pulled this one off well. But I am so sad! Merritt Wever was so great, and so was Denise.

TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14 - Twice As Far

Sorry Denise.

The person who shot her is revealed to be the guy from the burnt forest, Dwight, who took Daryl. He has Daryl’s crossbow, and the left side of his face now appears burned (fans of the comics will recognize him too; there’s lots for fans of the comics in this episode). He and his people have Eugene, and they want Daryl and Rosita to take them to their community or they’ll start killing people. Eugene sees Abraham — who apparently didn’t really leave him to find his own way home? — hiding behind some barrels to the side of the tracks, and gives him up to Dwight. Dwight sends some of his people to investigate, and, in another scene almost right out of the comics, Eugene takes his opportunity while everyone is distracted and bites Dwight in the groin. He hangs on and doesn’t let go, and this allows Rosita and Daryl to fight back, and between those two and Abraham in the woods, Dwight’s group is soon overpowered. Those remaining run off, and Daryl is reunited at long last with his crossbow. Eugene has been shot in the melee, but when they get back to town, we find out that he’s going to be OK. Abraham is talking to him, and everything’s going to be OK with those two: “You know how to bite a dick, Eugene,” Abraham says. “I mean that with the utmost respect.”

TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14 - Twice As Far

Trouble on the train track

The episode wraps up with Tobin reading a “Dear Tobin” letter where Carol expresses her regrets but says she needs to leave the town. She says there will always be someone who wants what they have, and she can’t keep killing for these people, or for anyone. So, Carol is gone — again!

FBI SCORE: 8.5 out of 10. “Twice As Far” starts off slowly, but toward the end we realize that the show was only lulling us into a false sense of security before bringing some major shocks. Quite a few characters are developed further, and some big questions are raised. There’s some great acting, but also some questionable writing/decisions by some of the characters.

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