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TV REVIEW: Comic Book Men Season 5, Episode 11 – Insta-Ming

By Megan Wilde

TV REVIEW: Comic Book Men Season 5, Episode 11 - Insta-Ming

“Insta-Ming” really is more of a collection of loosely connected scenes than an overarching story with occasional vignettes. It doesn’t have as much of a main story as when Stan Lee or John Romita Jr. visited the Stash, but it’s a fun episode with a lot to like.

Ming gets a lot of the focus this week, between his story with the selfie stick and the various other scenes he features in. He gets a selfie stick and goes around the store taking selfies and annoying Walt, and eventually Bryan snaps the stick in half, earning the appreciation of viewers everywhere. But I have to say that anyone who follows Ming on Instagram will know that he’s a better photographer than the show makes him seem. I also expected lots of food and drink photos in an episode called “Insta-Ming.” (I mean, have you seen his Instagram?) If only they’d gone next door to Surf Taco during the episode!

Most of the show this week deals with the various customers and the items they bring in. One customer brings in a comic book with the first appearance of Harley Quinn. I didn’t realize she was such a recent creation, but her first appearance was on Batman: The Animated Series in the early 1990’s. This prompts a discussion of how hot the character is right now and how she’s everywhere, and Bryan says there’s definitely a bandwagon currently. And of course it’s probably only going to keep growing, with Suicide Squad on the way and Margot Robbie’s highly anticipated portrayal. They talk about her different outfits, from the classic leotard/bodysuit, to the nurse’s outfit, to the leather bondage-y version. Ming seems to know all the iterations (hmmmm), and Walt asks him which is his favorite. The music department gives us a good laugh here, as soft-core-almost-porn-type music plays while he talks about the leather getup being his favorite.

comic-book-men-511-walt-bryan-mike-ming-935x658 TV REVIEW: Comic Book Men Season 5, Episode 11 - Insta-Ming

Walt, Bryan, Mike, and Ming having a laugh

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Another customer brings in some Fangoria magazines, and one of them has “Prophecy” on the cover. Walt says that’s Talia Shire’s second-best role, and Mike makes me laugh as he comes back with: “Really? Not The Godfather? Not Rocky?” This scene leads to a discussion around the podcast table about splatter movies and which is everyone’s favorite. Personally, I’m right there with Kevin when he names The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.” That is one of the creepiest, hardest to watch movies ever, but I love it. I don’t know that I’ve gotten as creeped out by a movie before or since.

Some other good bits include awesome bootleg NeverEnding Story toys from Mexico (seriously, why ISN’T there a Falcor stuffed animal out there somewhere?) and some Flash Gordon figures, some of whom bear a surprising resemblance to some familiar faces — particularly Bryan, which made me laugh. This was a fun episode. Sometimes we don’t need a bigger story than just spending a day in the Stash seeing what comes in, and listening to the guys and their banter.

TV REVIEW: Comic Book Men Season 5, Episode 11 - Insta-Ming

Bryan and Walt, discussing very serious things.


Best Bryan Moment: When discussing Harley Quinn and the current bandwagon, Walt talks about how Kevin was the originator of the bandwagon, naming his daughter after the character, and Bryan grabs a T-shirt and tries to wipe the brown off Walt’s nose.

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