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NYCC 2015 Hasbro Transformers Sentinel Prime Official Images

By Joe NUB

NYCC 2015 has come and gone, but the toys revealed still resonate with the fans, including Optimus’ predecessor, Sentinel Prime. Hasbro revealed this Voyager Class Transformers figure to overwhelming approval from the fan base. He’s big, he’s cool, and he’s

Joe Nubb’s Five Toy Picks of Summer

By Joe NUB

As the summer winds down in August, once referred to as “The Sunday of Months“, I reflect on some of the great toys that have been released into the wild over the last few months. Before you head back to

SDCC Exclusives Available on 7/28/15

By Joe NUB

If you weren’t able to attend the mega-giant multi-media San Diego Comic Con this year, that means you probably missed out on the dope-@$$ Hasbro exclusives they were peddling at their booth. Fortunately, they keep a small amount to sell

Transformers BotCon 2015 Leader Class Skywarp and Starscream

By Joe NUB

Transformers BotCon 2015 Leader Class Skywarp and Starscream Hasbro reveals the new Skywarp Leader Class figures (based off of the Jetfire mold), and gives us official images of the previously leaked Starscream (with G1 inspired crown).  Look for these toys

Transformers BotCon 2015 Combaticoncs/Bruticus Combiner Wars

By Joe NUB

Hasbro was in attendance at Botcon this past weekend and had all sorts of great new toys to show off. Despite the Combiner Wars storyline wrapping up last week in IDW’s comic series, that’s not stopping the toys from maintaining

FBI’s Random Sh!t, Random Guy Ep 93 Girl Power!


FBI’s Random Sh!t, Random Guy Ep 93 Girl Power! June 9 2015 It was a busy news week and we have you covered! This week’s topics include the new cast of Powerpuff Girls, Robert Kirkman’s new deal with AMC, the

Hasbro’s Transformers Combiner Wars Starscream First Peek

By Joe NUB

With IDW‘s Combiner Wars comic book story line in full swing and Hasbro supplying the action figures in the stores, here’s a first peek at the Cybertronian leader, Starscream action figure. He’s based on the upcoming Thundercracker mold, which is

Joe Nub’s Toy Run Roundup

By Joe NUB

Having made my first long distance toy run in a long time in upstate New York, I hit up three Toy R Us, three Targets, and two Walmarts all within sixty miles of each other, and with solid results. Here’s

New Pic of Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Quickslinger and Brake-Neck

By Joe NUB

Hasbro and Transformers teased fans on Facebook and then revealed an image of new Combiner Wars action figures, Quickslinger and Brake-Neck. Longtime fans of the original toys and cartoon will know these figures as Slingshot and Dead-End, original members of the

Toy Fair 2015 Transformers: Combiner Wars Devastator Pics From Hasbro

By Joe NUB

Happy Toy Fair everyone! There have been some really spectacular toys shown at Toy Fair this weekend in NYC, but high on the list was the mighty Devastator! This giant transforming robot combines six construction vehicles (Constructicons) to form one,

Transformers Collector’s Club Magazine Reveals Warpath Figure in Issue 61

By Joe NUB

There’s a new Transformers Warpath figure on the…well, warpath. The Transformers Collector’s Club Magazine has posted a new image of the upcoming Legends Warpath figure which is a repaint of the previously released Megatron toy, but with a new head sculpt.

Update: Transformers Combiner Wars Devastator Revealed with New Pic

By Joe NUB

Update: Hasbro gives an official pic including the package artwork at their Investor Meeting today in NYC! Last week an obscured image was floating around the web taken from the Nuremberg Toy Fair, and this week we see this awesome

CBMB: Ant-Man Gets a Poster, a Magazine Cover, and a Full Teaser Trailer

By Muuka Muyumba

Ant-Man’s teaser trailer has debuted during a very exciting premiere 2-hour event for Marvel’s Agent Carter. The trailer is pretty amazing when you consider the long gestating development of Marvel’s introduction to the classic comic hero,AntMan. We get to see

Transformers Combiner Wars Packaged Photos

By Joe NUB

Hey gang! Hasbro has been treating us nice lately with all sorts of pics of upcoming toys from all their major brands, and Transformers are no exception. 2015’s Combiner Wars series looks to be friggin’ awesome, so check out these