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CBMB: New Spider-Man Posters Hits the Web!

SUPERIEOR SPECULATION: Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War

By Muuka Muyumba

On July 7, 2017, Marvel and Sony will collaborate on a Spider-Man movie for the first time with Spider-Man: Homecoming. New posters debuted online today, reinforcing the Marvel line that this is a new Spider-Man who will get to live

Comic Review: Old Man Logan #3 – Without Permission

By Jeff Ayers

Writer: Brain Michael Bendis Artists: Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo $3.99 Marvel Comics Alright, after reading this issue, some of my qualms from the previous issue have been ironed out. Not to say I don’t have a few things to

CBMB: First Look at Captain America: Civil War Concept Art

By Muuka Muyumba

The events of the Age of Ultron are just now being digested, but we got a glimpse of the fight between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.). In Civil War, Captain America is trying to keep

CBMB: Leaked Art Reveals Movie Origins of Ultron and Vision (SPOILERS)

By Muuka Muyumba

A Redditor has confirmed what many has suggested for months now leading up to the premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron: Ultron and his progeny The Vision have very different origins in the upcoming blockbuster film. Photos posted on Reddit

REVIEW: Superior Iron Man #1 – What a Jerk

REVIEW: Superior Iron Man #1 - What a Jerk

By Mike Sains

Writer: Tom Taylor Artist: Yildiray Cinar $3.99 Marvel Comics To paraphrase the intro of this book, after fighting a psychic-powered Red Skull, a massive group of heroes were changed at a core level. Their personalities had been altered due to

MCU Phase 3 — Could this be the Spark that Ignites Captain America: Civil War?

By Muuka Muyumba

New leaked footage from this week’s Marvel Studios Event has emerged showing Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) choosing sides on preemptive war. Clearly, the pair of heroes have been through hell as they get a

CBMB: Possible New Look at Vision from Age of Ultron

By Muuka Muyumba

A possible leaked image from the interwebs has emerged online, posted by Josh Wilding at The image could have been faked but only after the image that came out yesterday showing a promotional standee. So this could be a

SDCC14: What Avengers: Age of Ultron Props Tell Us About the Movie

By Muuka Muyumba

Props from the Avengers: Age of Ultron set debuted on the last day of San Diego Comic-Con 2014. The Hulkbuster gauntlet, an arm from an android from Ultron’s army, the cracked shield of Captain America, and the previously revealed, Loki

CBMB: Brand New Avengers: Age of Ultron Stills

By Muuka Muyumba

Source: Entertainment Weekly Muuka MuyumbaMore Posts

CBMB: Avengers 2 English Set Video

By Muuka Muyumba

In the video from CinemaBlend, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man enjoy a stroll on the ground of a S.H.I.E.L.D. Hogwarts during the filming of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Thor appears to call down a little lightening for some reason while Cap