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CBMB: Deadpool Gives a Middle Finger to the Box Office

By Muuka Muyumba

Vulgar, violent, and romantic, Fox’s Deadpool boat-raced the competition at the box office, and established new records for a debut in February, as well as setting the record for Fox’s all-time domestic opening. The film is shock for several reasons

CBMB: Fox Already Targeting a Deadpool Sequel

By Muuka Muyumba

Deadpool hits theaters in 3 days, but is already garnering resoundingly positive reactions from those who’ve had the luxury of an early screening. This has prompted Fox to greenlight a sequel though no release date was announced. Your ads will

CBMB: First Look at Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool

By Muuka Muyumba

The ‘Merc with a Mouth’ is set to make his feature film debut, in full costume, on February 16, 2016 and we now get our first look at Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) in all his sexy glory. Known for his break-the-4th-wall

CBMB: Ryan Reynolds Confirms his Return to Deadpool

By Muuka Muyumba

Fan-favorite Marvel character Deadpool is coming to the big screen on February 12, 2016, and today Ryan Reynolds confirmed that he would be returning to play Wade Wilson in his own stand-alone film. Reynolds previously portrayed the psychotic assassin in