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OPINION: The X-Files, Season 10 – The Nostalgia Was Out There

OPINION: X-Files - The Nostalgia Was Out There

By Jeff Ayers

By now, we have all come out the other side of the black hole that was the newest season of The X-Files. As the dust settles from this newly minted Season 10, the big question on everyone’s mind who watched

STAR WARS NEWS: EW Details The Force Awakens Hall H Presentation

By Muuka Muyumba

J.J. Abrams is bringing The Force Awakens to San Diego, but Entertainment Weekly has revealed that Lucasfilm is not planning on bringing a new trailer to Hall H this Saturday. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t trying to redirect attention, but

CBMB: Season 2 of Daredevil Could See The Punisher as the Main Villain

By Muuka Muyumba

We could be seeing a lot more of Jon Bernthal as the Punisher than thought before. Nerdist News’s Jessica Chobot is reporting that Daredevil season 2’s showrunner and writer Marco Ramirez is calling the series ‘Daredevil vs Punisher’, which would

CBTVB: TNT’s Titans Character List Revealed?

By Muuka Muyumba

A character rundown for the upcoming DC Entertainment TV show Titans, which is set to premiere on the basic cable network next fall. The show will be the first live-action version of the popular Teen Titans comics series, which has

CBTVB: Agent Carter Showrunners Discuss Some Details about the Upcoming Season

By Muuka Muyumba

The showrunners of both ABC’s Marvel’s Agent Carter series debuting in January and Resurrection (second season September 28), Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, talk about their long writing partnership in a career-spanning discussion with Nerdist’s Ben Blacker. The two writers