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SUPERIEOR SPECULATION: Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War

By Jeff Ayers

SUPERIEOR SPECULATION: Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War

If you are unaware of the events in Marvel Comics’ event storyline, Civil War, WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD!

Today, the internet was graced with the brand-new trailer for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. This film is the third Captain America movie, and will feature a ton of superheroes facing off against one another over a difference of opinion concerning what superheroes can do and what they can be held accountable for. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is in all it’s glory. Make sure you watch until the very end for your first look at SPIDER-MAN!

There is a lot of action, a ton of characters, and the introduction of two new superheroes: The Black Panther, who will be played by Chadwick Boseman and Spider-Man, portrayed by Tom Holland. Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures struck a deal to share the character between their two companies, and this will be the first time we see Spider-Man appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

SUPERIEOR SPECULATION: Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War

Tom Holland as Spider-Man, holding Captain America’s famous shield.


Already, the internet is abuzz with comments about the look of the character, talking about his moving eyepieces to how brightly colored his suit is. One of the biggest comments that is being thrown around is that his suit seems to lack texture, and coupled with the bright reds and blues, it comes across as too CGI for a lot of people. But, here is my Superior Speculation concerning his suit: It isn’t the final form. In fact, this suit might be a placeholder for a much different suit that could make an appearance in this movie.

SUPERIEOR SPECULATION: Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War

Just imagine this on the big screen.

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That is the Iron Spider suit that Spider-Man wore in the beginning of the Civil War storyline in the comics, the same story arc that this movie is based on. Now, we know that this movie will be deviating away from the comic story, mainly because the Marvel Cinematic Universe is much different than the Marvel Comic Universe. But, this could totally be something that is seen in the movie, and could explain why the Spider-Man suit we see at the end of the trailer looks unfinished, and very computer generated.

A big reason as to why this might be the case is that Spider-Man is clearly on the side of Iron Man, as he calls out “Under-roos!” to the character before he makes his dramatic entrance. The same thing can be said of the comics, because Spider-Man definitely was on Iron Man’s side in Civil War, and Tony developed the Iron Spider suit specifically for him.

But, in the comics, the tides turned and Spider-Man realized he might be on the wrong side after all. He donned his iconic red and blue suit once again and defected over to Captain America’s side, but not before having a pretty crazy confrontation with Iron Man. This story point could also appear in the movie, as we see a quick shot of Black Widow and Iron Man in the trailer, and Tony definitely has a broken, or at least sprained, left arm. Could that be from Spider-Man defecting from his side, or could it just be battle damage from the fights we see him get into with the Winter Soldier and Captain America?

SUPERIEOR SPECULATION: Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War

Tony’s all kinds of busted up in this new trailer

Now, I could be completely wrong about the suit, and the flip-flopping allegiance of Spider-Man, and the way we see him in the trailer could 100% be the way he looks throughout the film. In fact, the suit, along with the eyes and bright colors, is almost a perfect homage to the way that famed comic book artist Alex Ross has depicted the character on multiple occasions.

SUPERIEOR SPECULATION: Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War

Credit: Alex Ross

Regardless, it is pretty exciting that the fan favorite Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, alongside characters like Iron Man, Captain America and Ant-Man. It will be very interesting to see how this movie plays out, when it hits theaters May 5 2016. Marvel Studios has said that it will bring startling ramifications to the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, so we know something big will happen in the movie’s climax. Also, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn took to Facebook and said that he saw an unfinished version of the movie, adding “And yes, Tom Holland is far and away the best Spidey ever.” We shall see the results in just a few months.

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