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REVIEW: “Original Sin #7” Sinning in the Name Of

By Cody Mudge

REVIEW: "Original Sin #7" Sinning in the Name Of

Written by: Jason Aaron

Art by: Mike Deodato and Frank Martin

Published by: Marvel Comics


Original Sin has been a roller-coaster ride. Not because it’s been a thrill ride but because it has risen and dipped in quality with every issue. This inconsistency is more obvious in this penultimate issue more than any other. If it wasn’t for the exceptional artwork of Mike Deodato and Frank Martin this cross-over may have careened out of control long before now. Even though Jason Aaron loses control of the script and its ability to deliver compelling story-telling, he does throw in enough action and excitement to allow the art team to dazzle us. Still, it’s disappointing that yet again we’re treated to a disappointing end to a Big 2 cross-over series that started with a lot of promise.

There is still one issue left so you may think my death sentence is a little hasty but this series is relying way too heavily on answers coming in the aftermath of the event and not delivering a conclusive, and interesting, ending on its own. Gone are the days where cross-over events were just really cool stories that featured a massive spread of your favourite heroes or unlikely allies. Instead, what we’re left with is a mostly jumbled mess that serves only to tee up future story-lines. I vehemently disliked Age of Ultron while it was being told, but, I won’t deny that it set up some pretty cool things for other books farther down the line.

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I understand as well that I’m perpetuating the problem by buying, reading, and talking about these series when they come out. However, in my defense, as a journalist I think it’s my duty to do this even if I sometimes don’t like it. This is a bit of a tangent but I’m sure there are other like-minded readers that felt that this issue pushed your tolerance too far and ended up just frustrating you in the end.

This comic starts off melodramatic and simply digs itself a deeper hole. For such a brilliant creative team this story is so by-the-numbers it’s what I would expect out of a cartoon for eight-years olds. And for a story that has such an imaginative premise the fact that it can’t do better than heroes punching other heroes in the face is pathetic.

Deodato and Martin were a great choice as an art team. Not only do they work well together but their combined style fits the tone of the series. Considering the immense amount of work in a relatively short period of time that goes into making these series work, it looks really good. This issue still features Deodato’s great take on science-fiction. Some of the work here is beginning to show signs of being rushed, with panels lacking the usual detail or care with framing. But for the most part this is a big brawl that looks the way a big brawl should. Unfortunately, there is little room for some of the finer points that make Deodato such a talented artist. There is almost no room for facial expression since there is so much fighting and everyone is grimacing or they’re wearing a mask, helmet or are the Watcher.


With only one issue to go there is virtually no hope that this series will be compelling as an eight-issue story-arc. That means that this series must also be judged in a few months’ time when we have a chance to see how many compelling stories are told in the aftermath. The good news is that we learned some pretty cool stuff a few weeks ago with the announcements at San Diego Comic-Con so here’s to hoping that while Original Sin might be a bit of a steaming pile, its status-quo changes won’t be such a mess.

“Original Sin #7” earns 4.9 / 10