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REVIEW: All-New Ghost Rider #4 – With a Vengeance

By Cody Mudge

Written by: Felipe Smith

Art by: Tradd Moore and Val Staples

Published by: Marvel Comics


It’s great when good things come in bunches. This latest wave of Marvel series are better than I think anyone was ready to give them credit for before release. Ghost Rider, like She Hulk, Iron Fist, Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight haven’t been able to sustain a book recently but all of them have incredible new series making a case for why that should be a thing of the past. With issue #4 writer Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore cement this series as one of the hottest (pun intended) on shelves.

Smith made the right call when he decided to create a brand-new character for All-New Ghost Rider, not only because it makes that name more appropriate, but because Robbie Reyes has quickly developed into a compelling character. The teenaged Reyes is smart and looked down upon by his classmates and essentially fell into his powers by accident. Sound familiar? It should, it’s the Peter Parker formula but it’s one that still works when updated, as we see with Reyes (and also with Kamala Khan over in Ms. Marvel). Robbie’s wheelchair-bound younger brother plays a fruitful role for personal drama. Playing the two off of each other is fun, seeing the love and respect they have for each other, but Gabe as a plot device essentially acting as fuel for Robbie, in more ways than one, makes for an interesting dynamic.

It’s clear that with this issue Smith and Moore are working toward a killer finale, especially considering how little of Ghost Rider we see this issue. Expect a big pay-off this time next month. Adding to the authentic vibe is that just like Robbie, the villains aren’t showing up anywhere else in Marvel’s line-up. The lack of cross-over with anything recognizably MCU is a significant strength for Ghost Rider.

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Like most of you, I was introduced to Moore’s artwork when I read the phenomenal The Strange Talent of Luther Strode. Since then I’ve been dying to see his interior artwork in a major Marvel or DC title. Four strong issues for this series makes the case for why this guy has the “it” factor. What is it? I don’t know, but he has it. He’s seemingly comfortable with everything. The strange talent of Tradd Moore is able to make a classroom lesson, a leisurely drive and an evil scientist doing…lab work, just as visually impressive as a gang leader turned monster grow an extra set of arms.

Of course, Moore’s art is always its most exciting when things are blowing up, when Ghost Rider’s head is on fire or when good guys and bad guys are punching each other through walls. This setup issue doesn’t allow Moore to fly as off the handle as much as previous issues but it’s hardly a knock to suggest that it isn’t wise to properly set up the finale.

Val Staples makes the world of “Ghost Rider #4” as colourful as you would imagine it would be. The sharp colour contrast works really well when accompanied with Moore’s art. A pair of panels shows the bright glare of the sun on the villain’s glasses as he steps out of a vehicle. Staples pulls it off and helps the reader feel at home with the Los Angeles setting.


With so many things going for it you really should be reading this series. There might be some out there who are bothered by Moore’s art-style, but thankfully, I’ve never met them. Smith is breathing life into a brand new character that we’ll want to stick around for a long time. I think it’s safe to say that this series took most of us by surprise!



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