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REVIEW: “Legendary Star-Lord #2” Sisterly Love

By Cody Mudge

REVIEW: "Legendary Star-Lord #2" Sisterly Love

Written by: Sam Humphries

Art by: Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco and David Curiel

Published by: Marvel Comics


REVIEW: "Legendary Star-Lord #2" Sisterly Love“Sam Humphries injects the second issue of Legendary Star-Lord with plenty of sarcastic charm and bombast; and Paco Medina beautifully renders the festivities with his modern style and crisp, clean lines. This is proving to be a fun series with a focus on Marvel’s terrific cosmic landscape but this issue and the series so far is a bit too “by-the-numbers” to really establish itself as legendary comic.

Medina has the perfect style for tackling the wonderful, colourful and crazy locations and characters of outer space. He takes to the science-fiction bent of this series like a duck on a pond and the result is a really great looking comic. There might be a few hiccups here and there but for the most part “Legendary Star-Lord #2” looks really great. Humphries has provided a script with plenty of action and the art team delivers explosive action panels that aren’t too busy but definitely command a closer look. Medina’s ability to render facial expressions is underrated and he nails so many in this issue that the voices of the characters were easier to imagine. This art team did an amazing job with this book and should be commended for their creativity and quality.

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As far as the script goes, it doesn’t take too many risks, as I mentioned before. This is a story that we’ve seen before: a troubled hero seeks adventure with a bloodlust that suggests a death-wish only to ultimately face his mighty adversary and find the strength within himself, usually after a team-up or two, to defeat the dastardly villain. It’s weird to say that considering this comic is written by Humphries who is usually so outside the box with his plots that I’m only catching up to it after I’ve closed the book. In a way then, I suppose I’m grateful that Humphries took a more direct approach than normal. It’s a tribute to his writing ability that this issue was great despite being relatively cut and paste.

The charisma and charm of Peter Quill was captured so masterfully by Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy and some of that magic must have rubbed off on Humphries because he brings every ounce of it to bear on this script. At times it feels a little suffocating, especially when it seems like we’re going to have a moment of emotional clarity, but the moment is quickly passed over the smart humour reigns supreme. Humphries has his work cut out for him with regard to playing up the chip on Quill’s shoulder and really driving home that this is an emotionally complex, relatable character. For now it’s enough that we’re having fun with him.

The cliff-hanger was interesting as it left us on ambiguous ground. This creative team can take us anywhere in the cosmos from here and it will fit with the story so far, a freedom that is captivating and exciting. Mister Knife sounds like a totally lame villain, the name is dreadful, but with a capable writer like Humphries I expect to come around a bit on this because I really just want to roll my eyes when I read “Mr. Knife” in a dialogue box.


Despite a story that relies on set pieces and clichés, “Legendary Star-Lord #2” is nevertheless a charming, exciting and downright fun thrill-ride. This comic reads like the hilarious, special effects wonder that it’s intended to tie-in with. Humphries and Medina have proven to be a team that works well together and should flourish on the fringes of the Marvel universe where so many opportunities for creativity abound.

“Legendary Star-Lord” earns 7.8 / 10