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REVIEW: Archie vs. Predator #1 – Get To Da Comic Shoppa!

By Mike Sains

Writer: Alex De Campi

Artist: Fernando Ruiz


Dark Horse / Archie

Last year was one hell of a year for Archie Comics. They killed off Archie in one of the most noble ways possible in Life with Archie, the dark horse hit Afterlife with Archie made just about every “Best of 2014” list you could think of, Sabrina The Teenage Witch was reborn as a bonafide horror story, and right at the end of the year Archie Comics dropped a bomb: Archie Andrews will meet Predator in 2015. Sure, that’s an instantly laughable premise. But, just think about it for a few seconds, then realize how much fun we’re all about to have.

REVIEW: Archie vs. Predator #1 - Get To Da Comic Shoppa!

What makes this title even more interesting is, it’s not actually an Archie Comics title. Archie vs. Predator is technically a Dark Horse Comics title – most likely due to their ownership of the Predator character in the comic book medium. But that’s in name only, as the entire project bears all of the traditional aesthetics of a proper Archie book. But the merger of the two publishers does make sense, as Dark Horse is better suited to handle a larger event book like this than Archie.

As far as plot goes, if Afterlife with Archie is the publication’s dark and serious horror story, Archie vs. Predator is their gory movie monster opus. In a way, though, much of the set-up reminds me a great deal of Cabin in the Woods, or any other horror movie that conveniently places the entire cast in a brand-new setting almost immediately, which will inevitably act as the location for the big calamity to take place.

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Again, plucking directly from the horror movie monster trope tree, is the fact that this book actually sets up the reader’s guilty desire to see the individual characters that are acting like jerks get what’s coming to them. Repeating the polar opposite fashion of this series, if Afterlife with Archie makes you care about each and every character, Archie vs. Predator actually makes you crave their comeuppance. Throughout issue #1 we’re treated to all of the classic Archie conflicts: Bettie and Veronica don’t get along, Reggie is a creep, and Cheryl, oh how we hate you, Cheryl.

REVIEW: Archie vs. Predator #1 - Get To Da Comic Shoppa!

What gives the entire experience even more of an impact is the fact that the art style is done as a straight-laced, old-school Archie comic book. But also with Predator, his signature POV “Predator View”, and his expert hunting skills which in turn lead to at least one of these bubbly-drawn characters dying a brutal death. It’s juxtaposition at its very best.

As a complete installment of a new series, what this book does best is introduce what are essentially all elements we’re nearly all jaded to and remix them in a way that makes two old properties feel not just new, but like we’ve been waiting for this crossover to happen, we just didn’t know it yet.



This marks the third time in as many properties that I’ve thought to myself that Archie Comics has reinvented themselves and found a way to make something as ubiquitous as Archie and the teens of Riverdale feel so fresh and exciting. Archie vs. Predator is not just a fun comic book, which it is. It’s also a statement and that statement is “Archie took over and you didn’t notice”.

Archie vs. Predator #1 earns 10/10 – My highest possible recommendation.

Mike Sains

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