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Official Pics Marvel Legends X-Men Wave

By Joe NUB

Hasbro is heavily prepping us for the new X-Men wave due approximately in June. Now we’re seeing hi-res pics of the wave that’s sure to be a smash hit. This is a strong line-up out of the “X” corner of the Marvel Universe and I look forward to getting these figures in my hands. Here’s the rundown:

  • Wolverine (Brown Suit)
  • Phoenix (Green suit)
  • Rogue (Jim Lee Costume)
  • Deadpool (No Build-A-Figure piece, but tons of accessories and….a taco!)
  • Cable (Avengers: X-Sanction Mini-Series Costume)
  • Havok (Uncanny Avengers Costume)
  • Iceman (Modern)
  • Kitty Pryde (Modern)

And the BAF is Juggernaut!

It’s got a healthy mixture of new and old costumes so whether you’re a new or old collector, there’s a figure for you.


Hasbro-Xmen-Marvel-Legends-Wolverine-Juggernaut-Wave-Promo Hasbro-Xmen-Marvel-Legends-Phoenix-Juggernaut-Wave-Promo Hasbro-Xmen-Marvel-Legends-Rogue-Juggernaut-Wave-Promo Hasbro-Xmen-Marvel-Legends-Deadpool-Juggernaut-Wave-Promo Hasbro-Xmen-Marvel-Legends-Cable-Juggernaut-Wave-Promo Hasbro-Xmen-Marvel-Legends-Havok-Juggernaut-Wave-Promo Hasbro-Xmen-Marvel-Legends-Iceman-Juggernaut-Wave-Promo Hasbro-Xmen-Marvel-Legends-Kitty-Juggernaut-Wave-Promo Hasbro-Xmen-Marvel-Legends-Juggernaut-Wave-Promo