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Namor the Sub Mariner Marvel Legends Action Figures Through the Years

By Joe NUB

Heralding the Golden Age of Comics and the fledgling super hero genre, Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner is one of the very first characters created and published by Marvel Comic’s predecessor, Timely Comics, in 1939. Also known as the Avenging Son, Namor is the first mutant, born to a human father and an Atlantean mother. He has been portrayed as a villain as much as a hero, and this duality only adds to his popularity. As one of Marvel’s most recognizable characters, he’s had a few Marvel Legends six inch action figures so let’s take a look.

His first action figure came in 2002 as part of the second wave of Marvel Legends by Toy Biz. The entire super articulated six inch toy line was still new to the collecting community and Toy Biz did a fine job of ole’ Subby. They didn’t go with the more traditional green trunks Namor, but instead went with the cooler looking costume Reed Richards created to help him breathe the air after an accident. What a great guy, that Stretch! His action figure comes with a trident and a very cool display base that mimics a wave of water that you can clip onto Subs.

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The next figure came five years later in 2007, during the first year that Hasbro took over the Marvel Legends license. This time The Sub Mariner comes in his classic green scaled trunks with a mighty trident. At the time I disliked this figure since it seemed so basic and slight. I wanted his sculpt to have more heft and I felt Hasbro didn’t get it right. Looking back, however, one could make the argument that this is designed to reflect Namor’s Timely Comics look and the artistic stylings of creator, Bill Everett. This has never been confirmed by Hasbro so it’s only my speculation.

1588767-subbyfirst s-l1600-306

Now on to the final and best (in my opinion) Marvel Legends Namor action figure: the Walgreens exclusive. I have been hitting stores regularly looking for this figure and finally found him last week at two different locations. Let’s start by saying this sculpt is absolutely beautiful. It nails his character perfectly and has the right amount of weight. Namor has an imposing stature and the face is a dead on likeness. He comes with a pair of interchangeable flattened hands that are perfect for swimming or flying poses, and comes with his trademark trident. The Sub Mariner wouldn’t feel right without this signature accessory, despite this particular trident being a reuse of the one included with 2015’s Odin Build-A-Figure wave. His costume is based on his modern appearance and while I usually go for the classic looks, this Hasbro toy is too nice to pass up.

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So what’s next for The Avenging Son? When shall we see him again in six inch scale? No idea, but we could use a new green trunks version, preferably based on his 90’s appearance (which really would be an “all purpose” toy). So many parts of his recent release could be re-used to make this figure and Hasbro should deliver soon.

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Hopefully we can recreate this cover soon, but until then these two figures still look awesome together! -NUB

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