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Marvel Comics Pre-SDCC 2014 Round Up

By Joshua Lazarus

SDCC Avengers NOW

It seems that some companies are making some of their big announcements normally saved for San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) ahead of the show this year in an effort to stand out from the noise. Unfortunately, everybody else had the same idea, so there’s still a whole bunch of chaos in the run-up to SDCC ’14, which is still a week away.

Marvel was able to stand out a bit by making their announcements on non-traditional -for comics- news outlets. Like ESPN, Yahoo Sports, and Deadspin after the LeBron James announcement, the main comics industry news outlets -CBR, Newsarama, etc- were left in the lurch as Marvel chose to make their announcements on bigger-name platforms.


The identity of the woman to take up the mantle (and hammer) of the God of Thunder is still unknown.

On Tuesday, Marvel announced -on The View of all places- that a new, female character would be taking up the mantle of Thor after the Odinson would be deemed unworthy to wield Mjolnir, and by extension the power of Thor as the inscription on the hammer reads. There was the usual internet backlash, from sexism to general confusion, as there really wasn’t much information in the actual announcement and no story context presented due to an uncharacteristic fear on Marvel’s part of releasing spoilers in mainstream media.

Then, on Wednesday, Marvel Entertainment Chief Creative Officer and former Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics Joe Quesada went on The Colbert Report to announce that Sam Wilson, The Falcon, would be taking up the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers recently had the super-soldier serum sucked out of his body. Anybody actually reading the title could see this move coming miles away, but any time changes are made to an iconic character, the crazies come out in droves.


Sam Wilson, a.k.a. The Falcon, will take up the mantle of Captain America following the depowering of Steve Rogers

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These announcements were shortly followed by the announcement of a Superior Iron Man title, which surprisingly didn’t remove Tony Stark from his role as Iron Man, but instead focuses on a bit of a heel turn for the character while giving him a new costume that looks like it was designed by Apple and moving him out to San Francisco. For more on how this sort of thing works for Tony Stark, go back and read Marvel’s publishing line from Civil War through Dark Reign.

These changes -however temporary- all seem to be part of another line-wide publishing initiative. It has been two years since the debut of Marvel NOW!, when most of Marvel’s titles were relaunched with new directions and creative teams. This was followed by a second wave of new books that debuted as part of the All-New Marvel NOW! publishing initiative almost a year ago.


Expect more Avengers NOW!-related announcements next week at SDCC.

It seems that Marvel Comics is poised to debut another publishing initiative, called Avengers NOW! (I had been wondering where Marvel was going to go with their publishing initiative naming conventions after they slapped an All-New in front of the Marvel NOW! logo.) at next week’s SDCC. Expect new books, new directions, and new creative teams.


From the information at hand, it seems to be a safe bet that both Doctor Strange and Ant-Man will be receiving the solo series treatment coming out of the Original Sin crossover event. It certainly helps that both characters will soon be household names due to the upcoming Marvel Studios films starring those characters. It has already been announced that Deathlok will be getting his own series, but expect a few surprise announcements. After all, it’s San Diego Comic Con.As anybody who has ever been will tell you, that place is crazy.

Joshua Lazarus

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