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INDIE COMIC REVIEW: Accelerators: Momentum #1 – Potential

By Jeff Ayers

INDIE COMIC REVIEW: Accelerators: Momentum #1 - Potential


Creator/Writer: R.F.I. Porto

Pencils/Inks: Gavin P. Smith

Colors: Tim Yates


Blue Juice Comics

A brand new story arc begins in the pages of Accelerators: Momentum #1. If you happened to miss the first six issues, you can get the beautiful trade available on Blue Juice Comics. This book is the perfect jumping on point for the story even if you haven’t caught up, as we find the characters hurling though time once more, to times unknown.

The characters themselves aren’t formally introduced in this issue, so a little background is necessary. Alexa and Bertram are husband and wife in 1965, as well as a leading scientist and high ranking military officer. They both get tasked to discover the application and hopeful usefulness of two strange, handheld cylindrical objects recovered by the military. The benefactor of this project is a wealthy private citizen, and requests both Alexa and Bertram specifically. But then, information is learned that rocks what Bertram and Alexa think they know about the project, and without warning, the objects hurl them both forward in time. Through some great action sequences, we learn that the jumps follow the Fibonacci Sequence, starting at 1965, and jumping each time a factor of the sequence. Soon the pair make it to 1991, where they meet Spatz and he gets accidentally roped into the travel as well. Or maybe not so accidentally, because time travel can be a weird and paradoxical business.

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Along the way they met the mysterious “Bob” a hardened woman of the future that held gladiatorial combats of time displaced beings. One of those, the awesome cyborg roman soldier that they have dubbed “Spartacus” has tagged along for the ride, as well as one of Bob’s clone drones, a heavily mustachioed man that seems to be on the side of Spatz. Now, they find themselves in the same mall where Alexa first ran into Spatz, only farther in the future, possibly around 2100. See, these “time doughnuts” are still largely a mystery to the characters as to exactly how they work, but they believe the time jumps coincide with the Fibonacci sequence. (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, so on). So each jump seems to fling them even farther in the future. Even though that seems hopeless, considering the characters are all from various timelines, it is the only option for the rag tag crew when they encounter some heavy resistance in this issue, mainly some zombie-like beings infesting the mall. A cryptic message carved into the wall calls them “scavengers” and hopes for a better life in the 88th century. We learn that the best and brightest of the future seem to believe the 88th century is the bastion of hope for humanity, and they have all jumped that far. Our heroes jump farther at the end of the issue, faced with the choice of staying where they are and dealing with the scavengers, or trying a new future once again. We will have to wait until issue 2 (out June 24 on Comixology) to see exactly how that decision helps or hurts Spatz and his companions.

INDIE COMIC REVIEW: Accelerators: Momentum #1 - Potential

The “Best There Is”: This issue, like the previous six, reads like a movie script. The pace and feel of the characters and their surroundings are really well thought out and expertly crafted. You can pick up this issue and be instantly sucked into this world of future time travel, and interesting characters, and you will be left wanting more and more. As of a recent INCCAST that featured the creators of this book, it was revealed that they are working on a motion comic as well, to further bring these stories to life. Time travel stories can be bogged down with confusing details and paradoxes, but this one shines above those pitfalls and delivers a fun and entertains premise. With all of time to play with, hopefully we will get many more stories with theses characters for the years to come. The art, by Gavin P. Smith and Tim Yates, is a perfect marriage to the incredible story laid out on the page. The right parts of darkness and brilliant colors give the book its signature futuristic feel, while still crafting a wonderfully fun looking comic experience.

The “Isn’t Very Nice”: Even though this issue is a great jumping on point of the story, some of the finer points of what was set up in the first six issues are lost. Themes like exactly who everyone is, as well as the recent reveal that Spatz is tied to these people more than anyone realizes, with future versions of himself, are talked about only conversationally between the characters. For that reason alone I would suggest picking up the trade paperback of the previous issues after you read this one, to truly get the full story. As this story gains “momentum” I’m sure many of the themes and reveals that have already been established will be fleshed out further, adding to this already rich story arc.

FBI Score: 9.5 out of 10.

A refreshing, fun take on the time travel story trope, with new and inventive ways to bring it to life on the page. You can get your own copy from Comixology, and tell your local comic shop to order issue #2 of Accelerators: Momentum!

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