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FanboysInc Albany Comic Con Experience!

By Joe NUB

What up, nerds?!  Happy Father’s Day to all you dad’s out there; I hope you had as a good a day as I did at the Albany Comic Con!  If you happened to catch us podding live today from the Con, DW and I quickly ran through some of the dads in the sub-culture that we love so much.  So Happy Daddy Day to Darth Vader (you’re doing it wrong), Cyclops, Corsair (Cyke’s dad), Reed Richards, Batman, and as super-fan, Jason Moore pointed out, Thomas Wayne as well.  If we forgot any, please mention them below in the comments section.

Anyways, today was AWESOME!  It was a gorgeous day in upstate NY after several days of grueling rainfall, so the spirits were high.  There were a lot of vendors selling a heaping ass ton of comic books from the golden age to today.  There was a strong presence in artist’s alley and also plenty of vendor’s selling vintage and modern toys, movie posters, apparel, original artwork, video games, and more.  So what do you guys look for at a convention?  I’m willing to bet that they had it there today.


The cos-player’s group, The Exiles, were running security and we had the good fortune of chatting with them on the podcast.  So big-ups to Cable, Blink, Deadpool, Logan, Scarlet Witch, and everyone else who dressed up like a boss!  You guys kicked ass!

We had the great fortune of meeting various dad’s bringing their kids and participating in our trivia contest.  Two girls stood out in particular for their knowledge of classic Star Wars trivia….I repeat: CLASSIC Star Wars trivia!  I complimented their father for raising them on a diet of Original Trilogy, but he was adamant that it was their choice to have never watched Episodes I, II, and III.  I will hopefully have the same luck in raising my daughter the same way.

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One of nice things about the Albany show is that it’s smaller, more intimate convention, with a group of artists that acts like friends and family, and are always welcoming to guests.  Albany boasts a very healthy amount of talent including Mark McKenna, Joe Sinnot, Todd Dezago, Ron Marz, Christian St. Pierre, Paul Harding, John Hebert, and lots more!  Every artist/writer/talent is accessible and willing to chat it up with a fan, draw a commissioned piece, or autograph a particular comic book for the droves of fans present throughout the day.  I mean, Joe freaking Sinnot was here!  Here’s an eighty-eight year old man who was working with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby on the Fantastic Four at the beginning!!!  It doesn’t get much cooler than that except to mention that his current commissioned drawings look at strong today as they ever have before.

Now while it was primarily a Comic Con, I’m the toy nerd of the group so I HAVE to get my “toy-on”, lest I get cranky.  Fortunately I’ve gotten to know a few of the vendors at the show who know what vintage toys I’m looking for.  Jason and Mark are a couple of guys who today hooked me up with a few Transformers from 1984/5: Trailbreaker, Mirage, and Powerglide.  Oh hell yes!  For those of you not “in the know”, 1984 is the inaugural year of  the Transformers’ debut and are highly sought after by fans around the world (I’m not kidding), compounded by the fact that the new movie comes out in a few weeks which makes the toys more popular than ever.  So big ups to those guys for hooking a brother up with some original G1 shiz!  Thanks playas!  I also scored a copy of Spawn #1 from Todd McFarlane; a book I had as a youth, but sold in the late 90’s.  I happened to flip through a long box at the Comic Depot’s stand and had to have it!  The cover alone brings back a flood of memories about my early years of comic collecting.  Oh, I was so young and foolish then….now I’m just old and foolish.  Finally, props go out to Joey Esposito for floating me a copy of his indie book: Footprints.  It’s a film noir story about Bigfoot, who is a detective, finding his brother’s killer with a host of other famous fantasy creatures.  If you see the cover to issue #1, you must buy it based on that alone.  Thanks Joey for the book and I look forward to checking it out.

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Towards the end of the day, DW hosted a creator spotlight panel featuring writers, Ron Marz, Joey Esposito, and (also inker extraordinaire) Mark McKenna; who were kind enough to chat about their experiences in the industry, and the current state of the business in terms of Kick-Starter funded projects, the popularity of comic book films and how it translates into the industry, and current projects their working on.  We thank Ron, Joey, and Mark for taking the time out of their day to chat with us, and  we’ll have the audio up on our site soon.


So I think that’s it for me, teammates.  It’s late and I’m still unwinding after a busy day of conning, podding, and chillin’ with my daughter who makes father’s day all worth while!  Later, nerds!  -NUB