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COMIC REVIEW: Unfollow #6 – The Man, The Myth, The Miracle

By Buddy Beaudoin

COMIC REVIEW: Unfollow #6 - The Man, The Myth, The Miracle

Writer: Rob Williams

Artists: R.M. Guera, Pahek, Giulia Brusco, Clem Robins


Vertigo Comics

After taking a couple of issues to focus on the rest of the 138 returning home, Rob Williams has given us an entire issue dedicated to perhaps the most entertaining character in the series, Deacon with Unfollow #6.

COMIC REVIEW: Unfollow #6 - The Man, The Myth, The Miracle

Unfollow #6 – Page 3

We’re given intense backstory on Deacon, as well as his real name, Eric Warner Riggins, and his current situation on Ferrel’s island. Told heavily through use of flashback, issue six gets almost an entirely new crew of artists. Featuring R.M. Gueara (Scalped, The Goddamned), Pahek (Heavy Metal), and Giulia Brusco (Batman Eternal, Scalped, The Goddamned), Unfollow’s art gets just a touch darker, but impeccably maintains the tone and character design that it’s had throughout the issue’s run thus far. That level of consistency while using an entirely different lineup is uncanny. Where this team really stands out is in the flashback scenes. The high contrast artwork, and sense of the human form (as we see ALL of Deacon) is distinctly Guera, adding a new layer of depth to the series’ art and creating a tangible sense of impact on these, often horrific, flashback scenes.

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We’re taken back to Deacon’s soldier days in Iraq where, as you can imagine, nothing good happens to him. We’re also shown The Dragon, a character of Deacon’s obsessions that up until now has only been alluded to. These scenes are key in Deacon’s development. While we do see him do a lot of crazy stuff in the name of God, we’re also shown parts of his life from before he was that intensely insane. So now, this character that has just seemed like the fun and crazy trope, has been humanized. Now, you’re rooting for him on a different level.

COMIC REVIEW: Unfollow #6 - The Man, The Myth, The Miracle

Unfollow #6 – Page 6

On the island, Deacon has been beaten somewhat mercilessly by Rubenstein. This is what sets off the flashbacks, as he’s now in a dreamlike state. When we flash forward again, Deacon’s life is being saved by Doctor Zhu – an Asian man on a quest to regain some of the conscience that American capitalism has robbed him of. Zhu whisks Deacon onto a plane, and loses his life in the process. All of this is followed by the conclusion of the flashback scenes, showing Deacon being healed of wounds that he incurred in his battle with The Dragon, and standing next to a new stockpile of large guns. This is his god moment. This is the miracle that sets everything off, and that’s pretty awesome.

Where this issue falls behind is in pacing. The pacing in this issue itself is rather good. However, spending this entire issue solely on Deacon has taken something away from the pace of the series around it. We’ve been learning so much about the other characters, and now that’s stalled out for the time being. For sure, the contents of this issue are fantastic, and bring forth a lot of huge development to an important character. However, there’s not a lot in here that couldn’t have been woven through the rest of the series. When other characters are developed, the issue is just a little heavy on that one character, but still does not sacrifice the overall story by putting it on hold for them. That being said, it’s unclear why Deacon’s backstory needed a dedicated issue.

COMIC REVIEW: Unfollow #6 - The Man, The Myth, The Miracle

Unfollow #6 – Page 10

Another shortcoming of this issue is the ending. In every issue, we’re given a sense of what’s coming up. There’s always a little something that leads you into the next issue, or at least starts you speculating. That’s absent here. What happens next is anyone’s guess. While that’s exciting in a way, the consideration for the continuation of the story is missed.

COMIC REVIEW: Unfollow #6 - The Man, The Myth, The Miracle

Unfollow #6 – Page 20

The “Best There Is:” Putting a new art team on this issue, spearheaded by Guera, was a great idea. There has decidedly been nothing wrong with the rest of the series art. In fact, it’s all been glorious. But, given the direction that this issue takes the reader, having that darker art and those super impactful set pieces worked out amazingly in telling Deacon’s story.

The “Not Very Nice:” We’re given next to nothing about any of the other characters that this series has so beautifully created and developed. Knowing all of this stuff about Deacon is great, but it feels like the series has just stopped where the rest of the plot is concerned.

FBI Score: 8 out of 10. While the rest of the Unfollow ensemble was missed, having this opportunity to know and understand one of the series’ most enigmatic characters is a blast. We see all sides of Deacon, and that’s meant quite literally. It’s anyone’s guess where the series will go from here, but from now on, fans will have a special place reserved in their hearts just for Eric Warner Riggins.

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