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COMIC REVIEW: Star Wars #12 – Lightsabers for Everyone

By Jeff Ayers

COMIC REVIEW: Star Wars #12 - Lightsabers for Everyone

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Stuart Immonen

Inker: Wade Von Grawbadger

Colorist: Justin Ponsor


Marvel Comics

Finally, Star Wars #12 gets to the point in this story where Luke is reunited with Han, Leia, Chewbacca, and C-3PO. This story has had its rough moments along the way, and the whole “are Han and Sana married or not” plot line was a real derailment to an otherwise well-paced series.

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We pick up right where Star Wars #11 left off, with the bounty hunter Dengar looking down the barrel of Han Solo’s blaster. Dengar was initially shown to be somewhat of a bad-ass when he was revealed a few issues ago, and definitely gave Chewbacca a hard time. Yet, now that Han and Leia, along with Sana, have come to the rescue, Chewie makes short work of the villainous bounty hunter. With a short reunion of compatriots, the team now sets their sites on finding Luke, to which Leia suggests they all follow the squadron of Tie Fighters tearing through the atmosphere.

COMIC REVIEW: Star Wars #12 - Lightsabers for Everyone

Luke is in his own hot water, as he is not only fighting for his life against a towering monster, but he is also in the clutches of one of the most nefarious Hutts in the galaxy, Grakkus. He has found a veritable treasure trove of Jedi artifacts that the Hutt has collected, and Luke desperately wants to retrieve as much information from them as he can. Yet he has to live through this predicament first, and it only gets worse because the Hutt’s own Game Master has outed himself as an Empire spy.

As all these players converge together at Grakkus’s arena, the last bits of this story arc are finally tied up. Sana and Leia have a short heart to heart to bring all of that confusion to light, and Luke escapes his doom thanks in part to his friends coming to the rescue, but mostly because of the incredible R2-D2. Always the droid in the right place at the right time, he not only recovers Luke’s lightsaber, but gets enough lightsabers so that everyone can wield one, which comes in very necessary after Grakkus renders all blasters inert with an EMP. The heroes escape, unfortunately without any of the Jedi artifacts, and Grakkus is taken into custody. The issue ends with Vader being made aware that the “young Jedi” has escaped, and this will lead directly into the new “Vader Down” story arc that will take place between the Darth Vader title and this one.

The “Best There Is”: The artistic team of Immonen, Grawbadger and Ponsor is so on point that you sometimes forget you are reading a comic and not watching a long lost Star Wars movie. Immune especially brings each character meticulously to life, and the inks from Grawbadger and the vibrant colors from Ponsor further accent the action in each panel. Again, Chewbacca and C-3PO shine, even for a moment, in Aaron’s script, and those two need to have a buddy cop movie already. Also, the scene where R2-D2 expels a ton of lightsabers to Han, Leia and Chewie is epic, and pure fun for fans of the series. It is awesome to see them wield the weapon of the Force, and to hear that Leia always wanted to try one is pretty fun as well.

The “Isn’t Very Nice”: The idea that Aaron keeps leaving cliffhangers with these characters in peril is getting old and fast. I understand you want to have a few moments here and there to create peril within the story, but you can’t pace a series like this normally with multiple “will they get out of this one” moments. We already know the answer, because Empire Strikes Back hasn’t happened yet. I hope that the upcoming “Vader Down” story arc focuses more on the plot of Vader tracking down Luke, and strays away from Han, Leia, Luke and company constantly being in trouble, to which we know they will make it out alive.

FBI Score: 8 out of 10. Great action, and compelling artwork save this book from being too laden with some lazy writing choices concerning the main characters. Also, seeing Leia wield a lightsaber is worth it alone to pick up Star Wars #12.


Jeff Ayers

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