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COMIC REVIEW: Old Man Logan #1 – Berserker

By Jeff Ayers

COMIC REVIEW: Old Man Logan #1 - Berserker

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Andrea Sorrentino

Colors: Marcelo Maiolo


Marvel Comics

It is a brand-new Marvel Universe, thanks to the events of the recent Secret Wars mega-event. When we last left the Marvel U, the Logan/Wolverine we all knew and loved met his untimely end in heroic fashion, and their was a clawless void in the four color pages. We not only have his clone, X-23, taking up the mantle of the Wolverine, but now we are graced with a version of Logan who might be even more brutal than the last – the Mark Millar conceived Old Man Logan from a future timeline.

Old Man Logan finds himself in the midst of Times Square, which is immediately unsettling to him because where he is from, Times Square is nothing but corpses and ash. In the original Old Man Logan series (which is excellent by the way) the villains of the Marvel U. have finally banded together and basically won the age-old fight between good and evil. Wolverine was forced to do things he can never forget, and he stopped being Wolverine for a time.

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COMIC REVIEW: Old Man Logan #1 - Berserker

Now, Old Man Logan finds himself in 2015, a few years before things started to go bad for the world. So, ever the hero, he begins to realize that maybe he was brought back to this time to get a second chance, and also to stop the horrible atrocities that he had to endure in his future. Yet, any self-respecting reader of comics knows that time-travel is a sticky business, so maybe Old Man Logan’s timeline will never come to pass, after the events of Secret Wars? We may never know the true answer, but that won’t stop Old Man Logan from doing what he does best, and what he does isn’t very nice.

Finally, the homage to The Dark Knight, with Old Man Logan jumping off a building with new-found purpose, is executed wonderfully. You should pick up a copy of this issue for that image alone.

COMIC REVIEW: Old Man Logan #1 - Berserker

The “Best There Is”: It is great to see an honest-to-goodness Logan back in the Marvel Universe, and Old Man Logan is the fan-favorite everyone deserves. Jeff Lemire does a stellar job setting up his story, and it is especially gratifying to see Old Man Logan remember his son, and a past experience with him. I hope we get more flashbacks like that, because that time is rich with character development that we have only been hinted at as readers of Wolverine. Also, the artist team of Sorrentino and Maiolo is seasoned with this character, and are able to create the perfect mood as you scan from page to page, panel to panel. Especially the intense moments, the ones that resonate the most with Old Man Logan, are depicted in stark reds and whites, and this technique is absolutely stunning when you factor in the character the art is portraying.

The “Isn’t Very Nice”: I am at a loss for, well, Old Man Logan’s memory loss. When we last saw him come out of the events of Secret Wars, he was very much aware of who he was, and the circumstances in which he found himself. Now, it seems like all of that has been back tracked, and it was a little too confusing for me upon my first read through. Continuity can be a tricky thing in this business, especially with a title-spanning event like Secret Wars, yet I was surprised by the choice to make Old Man Logan almost an amnesiac. The moment where he thinks his name is Scotty, the name of his son, though it is touching, and gave some depth to the character. It makes me wonder, as a fan and a reader, just what is in store for Old Man Logan as he tries to cross the names off his list. He is going after Banner next, yet he might be looking for Hulk, who is now Amadeus Cho. (I know, super confusing). Also, he will have to come to terms with his own death at one point, which can be a boon for the writer, if it is handled with care.

FBI Score: 9 out of 10. A great start to re-introducing this character after the events of Secret Wars. The choice to give him severe memory loss is a little jarring, but the strong writing and art make up for any short comings in this issue.

Jeff Ayers

Both my parents instilled in me at an early age the awesome power and incredible wonder of the written word. My father sat with me when I was four years old and taught me to enjoy reading with classic comic strips like SPIDERMAN, PEANUTS, B.C. and, later, CALVIN AND HOBBES. My mother exposed me to such classics of literature as Poe, Tolkien, Stoker and Doyle, and I started my own comic collection with allowance money from mowing lawns. I liked Wolverine before it was cool, I watched as Superman died and returned, and huddled under the covers as I turned the pages of SANDMAN. Reading is like oxygen to me, and all genres and formats are welcome and devoured equally. I am the co-host of The DW and Incredible Jeff Show, CEO of Permian Productions, and a reviewer at Graphic Novel Reporter. I am 34 and live in scenic Saratoga Springs New York, where I haunt coffee shops and dive bars and the best comic shop anywhere, The Comic Depot.

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