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COMIC REVIEW: Midnighter #7 – The Fight of His Life

By Jeff Ayers

COMIC REVIEW: Midnighter #7 - The Fight of His Life

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artists: ACO and Hugo Petrus

Colors: Romulo Farjardo Jr.


DC Comics

This entire series has been leading up to this; Midnighter #7 is pulling out all the stops. With Steve Orlando’s first story arc coming to a crazy conclusion, there is no shortage of non-stop action that readers have come to expect from this dynamic character.

Last issue we learned, rather shockingly, that Midnighter’s new beau Matt is not at all what he seems to be. In fact, he is a crazy villain named Prometheus, and we get a glance at his origins at the beginning of this issue. Just as soon as we get a handle on just how touched in the head this Prometheus character actually is, the biggest beat down to date bursts from the panels. Midnighter has some pretty incredible powers, including his fight computer brain, yet all of them are nullified thanks to the God Garden tech that Prometheus has acquired. Not only that, but Prometheus has the file Midnighter has been searching for, the one that tells of his true origins, downloaded into his brain!

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COMIC REVIEW: Midnighter #7 - The Fight of His Life

Honestly, you can’t get a better fight sequence in a comic on the shelves this month. I honestly mean it, put down your Batman and even your Star Wars comics, and pick up Midnighter #7. This knock down, drag out fight between these two powerhouses is paced to perfection thanks to Orlando’s deft direction. Add into the mix the visceral imagery of ACO and Hugo Petrus, and the bones break in front of your eyes with ease. The way the close-ups pan in and around the action allows the reader to actually feel the weight of each punch, and the destruction left from crashing through a wall.

COMIC REVIEW: Midnighter #7 - The Fight of His Life

The colors by Romulo Farjardo Jr. are amazing to say the least. The entire fight takes on this gritty and dark blue / green hue, with stark white panels splashed with huge words like “krunch” and “kraaash” accented with reds and golds. If the entire fight sequence doesn’t get your heart rate up, then you should go see a doctor because you might be in a coma. This is a seriously fun issue, and it ends with the fight reaching its conclusion, and few loose ends to be tied up.

The “Best There Is”: Honestly, even with the amazing fight sequence housed within the pages of this issue, it wouldn’t have had half the impact if it weren’t for Orlando’s expert storytelling leading up to this point. He has set the stage, and peppered in just enough information in the last six issue to make this fight, and Matt’s heart-stabbing betrayal (literally!) even more epic. Also, Midnighter #7 doesn’t end with the end of the fight. Orlando fleshes out a few more story beats, including a very poignant page devoted to a glance at Opal City, and specifically Apollo. Midnighter and Apollo split up before the events of this series, and in a very touching and beautiful sequence, without a single word, Midnighter reaches out to Apollo once more by leaving him a picture. The entire page stands out from the rest of the book as well because of Farjardo’s beautiful gold tones in each panel, obviously because of Apollo’s power set, but adding so much more meaning to the sequence.

The “Isn’t Very Nice”: This issue was near perfect, and that is because it had elements of action, suspense, betrayal and romance all wrapped up into a single issue, with Midnighter going through a significant character arc by the end of it. The true travesty isn’t anything within the issue itself, it is that this character needs to be given the chance to be so much more. Orlando has done a great job setting up the immense potential that Midnighter can achieve, and hopefully more readers will jump on this series. Also, it would be great to see Midnighter pop up in other titles, as well, especially seeing as we get a short look at the infamous Deadshot seemingly getting his hands on another piece of stolen tech from the God Garden.

FBI Score: 9.5 out of 10. Midnighter #7 has a little bit of everything, and then some, with one of the best fight sequences in comics today. Steve Orlando is writing at the top of his game, and the artistic team brings everything they have to create an incredibly fun comic.

Jeff Ayers

Both my parents instilled in me at an early age the awesome power and incredible wonder of the written word. My father sat with me when I was four years old and taught me to enjoy reading with classic comic strips like SPIDERMAN, PEANUTS, B.C. and, later, CALVIN AND HOBBES. My mother exposed me to such classics of literature as Poe, Tolkien, Stoker and Doyle, and I started my own comic collection with allowance money from mowing lawns. I liked Wolverine before it was cool, I watched as Superman died and returned, and huddled under the covers as I turned the pages of SANDMAN. Reading is like oxygen to me, and all genres and formats are welcome and devoured equally. I am the co-host of The DW and Incredible Jeff Show, CEO of Permian Productions, and a reviewer at Graphic Novel Reporter. I am 34 and live in scenic Saratoga Springs New York, where I haunt coffee shops and dive bars and the best comic shop anywhere, The Comic Depot.

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