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COMIC REVIEW: Limbo #6 – Molded from Clay

By Buddy Beaudoin

Writer: Dan Watters

Arists: Caspar Wijngaard, Jim Campbell


Image Comics

For six months, Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard have taken us on a ride through a dreamland of magnetic tape enriched with lizardmen, hyper aggressive action figures, and enough voodoo to shake a rain stick at. Today, that incredible neon journey comes to an end with Limbo #6.

Limbo #6 - Page 3

Limbo #6 – Page 3

For most of this series, the goings on are somewhat of a mystery. But finally, last month, we learned what was really happening behind all of the intrigue. Clay, our dinged-up detective, has found himself on death’s door. In the world of the Loa, two deities searching for something enjoyful to do have made a wager on whether or not he can change – whether beings at all can change, or if we just come programmed. Sandy, Clay’s only real friend in this new world he’s facing down, takes a trip to Loa to make an appeal to Baron Saturday to end the wager and becomes part of the action herself as Saturday wears her back to Dedande City like a meat suit to cheat his wife out of her winnings.

That’s where we get things started in issue six. Saturday has tracked down Clay’s whereabouts through less than tactful negotiations, and sets off on his course to win his bet. In the meanwhile, Clay looks for Sandy at her apartment, and is not surprised to see that things are in disarray. Having suspected that The Thumb has taken her, he gears up for a revenge tour. He does what any good detective would do – dawn a kabuki mask, set a fire, and crack in the skulls of every henchmen he can find.

Limbo #6 - Page 8

Limbo #6 – Page 8

As it has been through the entirety of the series, the art is perfection. Wijngaard has a way of setting a pace that stands out just a little from the narrative. Ultimately, that’s what creates all of that mystery. While we’re given our exposition and narrations, Wijngaard is hard at work making every panel meaningful. What we’d gotten away from in Loa was this VHS quality that a lot of the art mimics. Joyfully, it has returned for some pretty key scenes, the ending in particular.

Limbo #6 - Page 10

Limbo #6 – Page 10

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After bashing his way into The Thumb’s lair, Saturday makes his grand entrance in his Sandy suit. This scene, really, is what this entire series comes down to. The coolest thing about that is that we didn’t even know that until the last issue. After roughing The Thumb up a bit, Saturday pressures Clay to take his life. If he shoots him, then he really hasn’t changed, despite everything Maman Bridgette has put into motion, and Saturday wins the bet. The Loa couple both plead their cases, but in the end, Saturday wins out. The Thumb is dead, Sandy is as free as a bird, and Clay has a lot of explaining to do with the residents of Dedande City.

As an ending goes, this is fairly satisfying. Most things are wrapped up neatly, and you finally are given a moment where Clay is a fully realized version of himself. Everything feels pretty complete. However, that’s not where the story ends.

Limbo #6 - Page 17

Limbo #6 – Page 17

In the beginning, we’re given some narration by Saturday. In that, he references Sisyphus – the greek myth in which the son of a king is cast off to push a boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down time after time, through eternity. He likens Clay to the myth, essentially creating a bookend for the wrap up of the series.

What we’re given is truly amazing, but at the same time, frustratingly enigmatic. Some time after Clay’s arsenous exploits, things have calmed down. But, as she can’t help herself, Sandy is still curious. She puts on the VHS copy of Clay’s life above, in which, we see the Clay’s doctors hovering over him. One remarks “The thumb… His thumb has stopped moving.” That in itself is so delightfully meta it’s hard to wrap your head around. The very next panel shows a woman walking through Sandy’s door asking for a detective, and in an instant, we’re transported back to the where everything started. Continuing on, one of the doctors asks another to turn off the TV, as he can’t stand the background noise. With that, the last panel gives us that famed VHS blue screen. In that screen, are the text commands “STOP” and “REW.”

Limbo #6 - Page 24

Limbo #6 – Page 24

Everything about this is a great. As a series, Limbo doesn’t play its hand until late in the game. It’s left a mystery until you’re given a jumpstart to the finish. But, the pacing of the story is so dead on that it never feels like you’re racing to the endgame. In the beginning, when Saturday says that Clay is Sisyphus, it seems like he’s just talking – like he’s just being his cheeky self. Having the series end with Clay’s proverbial boulder rolling back down hill, starting this series over again is magnificent. In fact, it makes the entire series more than worthy of a second read.

The “Best There Is:” Limbo is a series that has maintained its strengths throughout. We’re never really given a weak moment. Watters has such a firm grasp on his narrative the entire time that nearly every panel Wijngaard draws holds something meaningful in it – something to be dissected. However, the ending is what really takes the cake. Knowing that Clay’s fragile mind is stuck in an infinite loop is a tragic, yet befitting end, that was completely untelegraphed.

The “Not Very Nice:” This series is over and now there’s no more Limbo to read.

FBI Score: 10 out of 10. I have given tens before, but this issue makes me question every one of them. Limbo is the new standard for a series living up to itself. It presents you with an idea from page one that grabs you by the hand and says “watch this!” If this series has been under the radar for you, it’s time to adjust your radar.  

Limbo #6 - Page 29

Limbo #6 – Page 29

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