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COMIC REVIEW: Jacked #2 – It’s Clobberin’ Time

By Buddy Beaudoin

COMIC REVIEW: Jacked #2 - It's Clobberin' Time

Writer: Eric Kripke

Artists: John Higgins, Glenn Fabry, Ryan Brown, Clem Robins

Vertigo Comics

Established screenwriter and creator of Supernatural, Eric Kripke, came back to comics last month with the release of Jacked – the tale of broken shell of a man on a quest for his self respect. At the end of the first issue, Josh Jaffe finds what he’s looking for in the form of an internet pharmaceutical that gives the book its title and takes Josh on the ride of his life. Issue two is more of the same, but with a more daring Josh on an even bigger bender.

COMIC REVIEW: Jacked #2 - It's Clobberin' Time

Page 5

I mentioned this before, but I think it’s worth another mention, the cover art of Glenn Fabry is one of the best things about this book. It fills me with all of those dreams of 1999, drooling over shelves full of Preacher, a series that I would misguidedly not read until last year. His work is iconic and without duplicate. You know it when you’re looking at a Fabry cover, and that goes a long way for Jacked, even though it may not require the help.

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The interior art is stellar as well, the pages oozing with blood and testosterone. Higgins has a way of making Josh’s pain your own, and his work is a wonderful match for Kripke’s scripting. The character acting is excellent. Before even reading Robins’ letters, I’m informed as to whether a character is someone I’m supposed to like or not, and it sets the tone for when I do get down to the dialogue.

COMIC REVIEW: Jacked #2 - It's Clobberin' Time

Page 9

For much of the issue, the story is just a broader look at what the first issue set up. Josh relives some of the failures that we were shown before he was on Jacked, but this time, achieves wildly what he could hope to achieve on his own. He regains the respect of his wife as his love life sees a return to vitality, and his kid is convinced that he’s a superhero. Where the story picks up is with Josh’s neighbor, a mid-level drug dealer for a cartel of undisclosed size. With his super strength and increased stamina also came the ability to hear a fly on the wall. It’s no wonder that he hears his neighbors in a domestic dispute, and turns the door into splinters to further investigate.

COMIC REVIEW: Jacked #2 - It's Clobberin' Time

Page 13

These scenes serve to set up what the rest of the six issue series is going to consist of. Josh finds himself in the middle of a wealth of criminal activity after just about beating his neighbor, and their dog, to death. He saves his neighbor’s wife, but puts the victims of his rage in a coma. The closing page provides a teaser for the rest of the series, featuring Josh in an alleyway with his saved damsel being shot at by a couple of thugs. There’s no telling how quickly the series will dive into that action, but it’s sure to be quick given that there are only four more issues before the wrap of the series.

COMIC REVIEW: Jacked #2 - It's Clobberin' Time

Page 18

The “Best There Is:” It’s clear that Kripke is enjoying the comic format, as his script is full of obscenities and pulp violence – storytelling not enabled by the CW. This book is raunchy but excellent, and the art of Higgins is a welcomed companion to Kripke’s prose. Glenn Fabry’s covers are the stuff of legend, and the addition of Ryan Brown’s formatting and logo work on them make them pop off the shelf even further.

The “Not Very Nice:” Though the book is hilariously entertaining, sometimes it can feel a bit too full of testosterone. Josh basically saves his marriage with sex, and he now just punches anything that makes him feel uncomfortable in the face. Sexism is a common complaint by those familiar with Supernatural, and this book may alienate a prospective readership due to it.

FBI Score: 8 out of 10. Jacked is a psychedelic and hyper-violent reaction to a midlife crisis brought to you by the collective talent of Eric Kripke and John Higgins, aided by half of the Preacher art department. It’s a throwback to classic action films of the 80’s and 90’s, and it’s a nonstop thrill ride worthy of an audience.

Buddy Beaudoin

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