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Comic Review: Godzilla in Hell #2 – Ghosts of the Past

By Jeff Ayers

Comic Review: Godzilla in Hell #2 - Ghosts of the Past

Art and Story: Bob Eggleton



In case you didn’t pick up on it from the title, Godzilla in Hell, our title character is still in the underworld, trying to make his way out. After the beautifully done silent first issue, this one takes a slight tonal shift thanks to the incredibly talented artist who also pens this story, Bob Eggleton.

Right off the bat, this is a superior issue because of Eggleton’s involvement. Every page is comprised of painted panels, and much like a book plotted out by Alex Ross or the like, the painted fine art feel gives so much more gravity to the story. Also, this issue gives the reader a little narration, which is very much needed and appreciated once you get into the meat of this book. The first issue worked very well without any words at all, just showing the giant monster venturing further into the depths of Hell. But this issue find Godzilla up against ghosts of other Kaiju, and they have been corrupted by their surroundings, making them demon versions of the adversaries Godzilla once knew.

Comic Review: Godzilla in Hell #2 - Ghosts of the Past

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That is why the narration is needed, because without it you might pass right by some of these beautifully painted monsters by thinking they are just more denizens of hell. In the very first few pages, you start to see this towering winged beast start to barrel down on Godzilla, and for a moment fans of the character might think this is something familiar. But then the narration confirms your suspicion wonderfully, by saying that this is indeed the demon version of Rodan, a very famous adversary of the powerful leviathan. It is very neat to see that, and a cool ‘wink’ to big fans of Godzilla in all his various forms of media.

As Godzilla fights his way past Rodan, he is met with other areas of Hell, including one that is indeed frozen over! (So to all the ladies that said words similar to me in the past, I present you with Exhibit A.) We get to experience Godzilla’s pure frustration of venturing farther into Hell to obviously find a way through it, and only be constantly met with demon versions of enemies he has fought before on the living world. He eventually meets Ghidorah, the three headed dragon, and is seemingly bested by its might and the terrain he is fighting on, which happens to be in the middle of a great sea. But, this is only another door which Godzilla must go through to journey farther down into Hell’s mysterious depths.

Comic Review: Godzilla in Hell #2 - Ghosts of the Past

The “Best There Is”: I cannot say enough about the look and feel of this issue, thanks to the talent of Bob Eggleton. The painted monsters that adorn the pages are so full of life, they practically cannot be contained in the two dimensional world. Truly terrifying and awe inspiring, the art makes this story seem larger than life, which is completely needed for a tale about a fantastical giant monster that is stuck in the deepest recesses of Hell.

The “Isn’t Very Nice”: Two things worry me a little bit about this series. The first being that the end game might be anti-climactic. If Godzilla does navigate Hell and eventually get away, there has to be some incredible, show-stopping boss battle to end the whole thing, right? Originally I thought it might be all of his past enemies at once, but we kinda got that in this issue. Will the end of this be a gigantic mirror fight, a la Enter The Dragon? The other thing that worries me is the constant shift in tone from issue to issue. The transition from the first issue to this one worked alright, and the art totally stepped up from the first issue. But the promo for the third issue is at the back of this one, and it looks way more cartoony than I think this series deserves. Might take all of the momentum the book has gained and throw it out the window.

FBI Score: 9 out of 10. Fans of Godzilla, or Bob Eggleton’s work, will absolutely fall in love with this issue. It also is a wonderful chapter two that fits very nicely with the first issue. I hope the series can retain this momentum and keep up the good work going into issue 3.


Jeff Ayers

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