COMIC REVIEW: Drax #4 – The Dragon’s Breath | FanboysInc

COMIC REVIEW: Drax #4 – The Dragon’s Breath

By Shane Frasier

COMIC REVIEW: Drax #4 - The Dragon's Breath

Writers: Cullen Bann and CM Punk

Artist: Scott Hepburn



Thanks to the popularity of Guardians Of The Galaxy, it was only a matter of time before the members of the series got their own books. Enter: Drax, the gruff but lovable (Maybe not lovable) alien hellbent on wreaking havoc and getting his revenge on Thanos. While it’s a simple premise to be sure, it at least offers the character a chance to encounter the more bizarre side characters the Marvel Universe has to offer, which makes Drax #4 such fun to witness.

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Drax has been kidnapped by Fin Fang Foom. Yes, you read that correctly, KIDNAPPED BY FIN FANG-FRIGGIN-FOOM. While trying to save a group of children being used essentially as slave labor for Foom, Drax and Terrax (Who also makes an appearance) fall on the beasts bad side – that’s not to say that he has a good side – and are forced to fight to the death to appease some darker purpose. In their cell they meet Torgo, a man clad in armor claiming he will best all the warriors there. Terrax and Drax are not amused, obviously.

COMIC REVIEW: Drax #4 - The Dragon's Breath

The big purpose for Foom’s mischief is he’s looking for eggs, his ‘children’ as he calls them. Their birth requires a blood sacrifice of sorts, which is why Drax and the others have been kidnapped and forced into a gladiatorial arena. All manners of beasts and creatures inhabit the arena, but they all feel so obvious that none of them stand out, with the obvious exception of our main heroes. The combat is often comical, and writers Cullen Bunn and CM Punk manage to toss in humor here or there when they can to make it light. After all, if you see the cover of this issue by artist Scott Hepburn, you’ll know it’s not meant to be taken too seriously.

COMIC REVIEW: Drax #4 - The Dragon's Breath

Drax and gang eventually remove their shackles (Which is this case is a shock collar of sorts which controls their movements and thoughts to some extent), and turn their attention towards Foom, but the comic ends before we can see the glorious battle unfold (After all, cliffhangers are an easy way to keep interest afloat). It feels short and slightly unsatisfying in the end, but the cleverness of it all makes it something to continue pursuing.

FBI Score: 7.5 out of 10.  Drax #4 continues the adventures of everyone’s favorite Guardians Of The Galaxy curmudgeon, diving deeper into the abyss of strange and unique Marvel characters. While the book does feel short and sometimes bland in its delivery, the often comical art stylings and writing keep Drax as a series to pursue.