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COMIC REVIEW: Clean Room #3 – “BOOOP”

By Buddy Beaudoin

COMIC REVIEW: Clean Room #3 - "BOOOP"

Writer: Gail Simone

Artists: Jon Davis-Hunt, Quinton Winter, Todd Klein, Jenny Frison


Vertigo Comics

If you haven’t been following along, Clean Room is a new horror comic by Gail Simone that is as enigmatic as it is terrifying. This week, the third installment of the Clean Room series was released, and boy, does it follow suit.

COMIC REVIEW: Clean Room #3 - "BOOOP"

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Clean Room, as a series is a slow mover, but the pacing works very well for Simone’s narrative. Each issue peels back another layer in the Clean Room story, but each issue also leave you pondering reality. In the third issue, we get more of a glimpse into how Ms. Mueller’s clean room is used. We get to see some of the deep depths of her character as well. She all but tortures her current subject, Joe Wei, into giving her information about the demons that keep popping up in the story, but are as of yet relatively unexplained. There seems to be some sort of angel/demon relationship that they’re playing at. That seems to be what Mueller is trying to uncover, and this issue makes it feel like she knows less than she’s letting on.

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Page 7

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What Simone does very well in this series is build suspense. Every line and panel have a very deliberate delivery. As you read, you’re forced to look for clues. While this is wildly engaging, it’s also a perfect way to drive yourself crazy while reading. Simone’s talent for suspense building is so good that I find myself attaching meaning to just about everything on the page, waiting for things to come back around in the story in a triumphant, “AH-HA!” moment.

Whether these details are scripted or not, we may never know for certain, but Jon Davis-Hunt’s art is just as deep and engaging as the narrative behind it. In the most suspenseful pages, I find my eye wandering to things, wondering if they hold the key to unlocking all of the intrigue interlaced into this story. The detail goes so deep that Davis-Hunt made sure to let us know what kind of tea Chloe drinks. This precedes what is actually one of the more horrific scenes, which this issue is full of.

COMIC REVIEW: Clean Room #3 - "BOOOP"

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The combination of Davis-Hunt’s lines and Quinton Winters colors make the horror segments that much more palpable. Some of the pages in this particular issue are so in depth in their grotesqueness that I cannot reasonably post them on our site. They are, however, wonderful. The use of art in these scenes is evocative of visionaries like Tarsem Singh. The depth of the horror is so psychologically impactful that it’s surreal, but at the same time imbues your mind with all of the minutiae of the scene, leaving you questioning everything and wrapping you up in the gross little mystery blanket they’ve created.

Again, and I’ve said this about every issue, Simone doesn’t give too much away. While normally, I hate this because I’m an instant gratification loving American, I love this about Clean Room. It’s like watching several connected episodes of The Twilight Zone if they were all written by Damon Lindelof and covered in guts. Believe me, that’s a high compliment.

COMIC REVIEW: Clean Room #3 - "BOOOP"

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The “Best There Is:” Though the credits note that Simone is the sole creator of this book, the entire team are very well paired with one another and together are putting out stellar work. The narrative is gripping and always leaves you with questions you can’t wait to be answered. If this series is not already on your pull list, do yourself a favor and fix that. Issue four will be out before you know it, and you’re not going to want to miss a damn thing.

The “Not Very Nice:” While I love this book and it admittedly holds a special place in my broken and twisted heart, it’s doing a great job of working itself into a niche. While horror is a niche to begin with, my concern is that the pace of the story might be a little slow for a lot of readers. While the pacing does a great service to the intrigue, it is not the in-your-face thrill ride that movie-going comic fans have grown accustomed to, and that could affect the readership of the series.

FBI Score: 9.5 out of 10. Clean Room is a triumph for the horror comic scene, but it’s full of so much intrigue that it’s not painting itself into the horror corner. Gail Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt are clearly working on their opus, and boy, is it a thing of beauty. I find myself checking release dates incessantly to find out when I can ingest more of it. The art is gasp inspiring, and not in a little cutesie anime way. It’s just phenomenal work.

Buddy Beaudoin

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