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COMIC REVIEW: Bloodlines #1 – Oh, D-D-D-Deer!

By Buddy Beaudoin

COMIC REVIEW: Bloodlines #1 - Oh, D-D-D-Deer!

Writer: J.T. Krul

Artists: V. Ken Marion, Sean Parsons, Andrew Dalhouse, Sal Cipriano


DC Comics

When a strange flash of light falls to the sky, transforming an everyday deer into a ferocious monster, you’re left with Bloodlines, a new six-part series from DC Comics featuring teenage angst and hulking blue men.

COMIC REVIEW: Bloodlines #1 - Oh, D-D-D-Deer!

Bloodlines #1 – Page 3

Bloodlines #1 focuses on a kid named Eddie – an average teenager, save for the fact that his body is failing him and he can no longer walk without the aid of crutches. We follow Eddie as he attends high school, sulks through biology class, and hangs out at a party in the town’s only party spot. He sets himself apart as a loner, as he stands and watches the regular shenanigans of the other teenage boys around him, not feeling the need to take any part in it.

Eddie is joined by a cast of characters that can only be described as massive – especially for a first issue. The book does its best to introduce all of the characters, but doesn’t leave itself room to tell us why we should care about them, or even what, if any contribution they’re going to have to the plot of this thing – a plot which, by the end of this issue, is still a big mystery.

COMIC REVIEW: Bloodlines #1 - Oh, D-D-D-Deer!

Bloodlines #1 – Page 6

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The art is done well. However, there’s not much to set it apart from any other DC series. Everything has that finely polished DC look, which is always great looking, but makes you feel like you’re looking at more of a brand than you are a new DC #1. The nicest thing about the art, is that with this gigantic cast, everyone looks like their own character. Everyone is set apart, and that’s going to be especially helpful given the nature of the series and its short lifespan.

COMIC REVIEW: Bloodlines #1 - Oh, D-D-D-Deer!

Bloodlines #1 – Page 8

As of right now, the characters are bound by their tropes. There’s the smart kid, the loner, the jocks, the entertainer, and some pretty typical pop culture cops. This is the downfall of this first issue. In the beginning, we’re given a scene where a giant flash of light rips across the sky and lands in the woods, transforming that poor aforementioned deer. We’re given a main character that we aren’t told much about except for that he has some unnamed illness. From there, the issue goes on to introduce an entire cast of people that essentially do nothing to further the story as it’s addressed in this first book.

After all of that, we’re taken to the party scene, where some teens are attacked by the, now, monster deer, and Eddie turns into blue hulking maniac that rips the deer’s head off as he attempts, and fails, to save the life of his only friend – a jock named Graham. While it’s great that we’ve been introduced to the characters, all of that time that they took up could have been spent on further developing Eddie, or telling us why the meteor was significant, or if it even is a meteor, or if it has anything to do with Eddie’s new abilities. If not all, then some of that time could have easily been spent on this.

COMIC REVIEW: Bloodlines #1 - Oh, D-D-D-Deer!

Bloodlines #1 – Page 18

As a result of such non development, the first issue comes off as flat. That’s a shame, because this title could be really cool. While there’s no doubt that all of the questions will at least be touched upon of the course of the following five issues, it would have done this issue a great service to lend some consideration to them.

That being said, there will be following reviews for Bloodlines. It’s great that DC is putting out a six-part series with some new characters that are not a part of the regular DC Universe. There could be something to that. For now, if you’re a reader looking for something new that has some potential, Bloodlines could work out pretty well for you.

The “Best There Is:” There’s a lot of room for this series to grow. While the story is left open, it also creates essentially limitless opportunities to develop into a strong title, and that’s a pretty exciting idea. The art works well for the series, and while not part of the expansive DC Universe, does a great job of maintaining the polished look that DC titles typically endorses.

The “Not Very Nice:” Too many character introductions give way to not enough story or character development. While it’s understood that this is a first issue, there’s no real focus on any one thing, leaving the plot as a whole a bit weak at the moment.

FBI Score: 6.5 out of 10. There’s a lot that can be done with Bloodlines. However, as of this first issue, there’s a lot that’s not being done as well. There’s boundless room for development, but as of now, the series is going to have to grow into itself.

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