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COMIC REVIEW: All-New Wolverine #4 – What You Deserve

By Jeff Ayers

COMIC REVIEW: All-New Wolverine 4 - What You Deserve

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artists: David Lopez and David Navarrot

Colors: Nathan Fairbairn


Marvel Comics

In All-New Wolverine #3, the newly minted Wolverine (X-23) took her runaway clones to the one place she thought they could be safe, and also gained some much needed help, to Doctor Strange and his Sanctum Sanctorum. As you might expect though, things just got weirder from there.

Gabby, Zelda and Bellona are more than a handful for Wolverine right now, and they have also alluded to the fact that their hasty cloning has not only made them targets for Alchemax Genetics, the company from which they escaped, but also they have a very short time to live. Wolverine hopes that Doctor Strange can help them out, and he whips out his trusty Eye of Agamotto to get a better look.

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COMIC REVIEW: All-New Wolverine 4 - What You Deserve

Things immediately get out of hand once the girls are left alone in Doctor Strange’s house, and a very weird demon is let loose on the city. The clones and Wolverine spring into action to save the day, and some quite enjoyable action sequences play out with Wolverine swinging a gigantic ax. The downfall of this sequence is, there is absolutely no “snikt”, and in fact, Wolverine doesn’t pop her claws once in this issue.

COMIC REVIEW: All-New Wolverine 4 - What You Deserve

The conflict is resolved, yet Zelda, the de facto leader of the three rogue clones, has been gravely hurt, and Doctor Strange takes her to a hospital to try and help her. The information comes back that he cannot, and instructs Wolverine to steal a unique piece of equipment to help her out: the Ant-Man suit!

The “Best There Is”: The story has been kind of slow in the first three issues, and the pace doesn’t really pick up in All-New Wolverine #4. The best part is when Doctor Strange confronts Wolverine about her intentions, and who she really is. It is interesting to see how X-23, or Laura, fits into this new Marvel Universe, especially with old school characters like Doctor Strange so readily referring to her as Wolverine. Taylor does a great job addressing this with Doctor Strange directly bringing it up to X-23, and she surprises him with her handle on the situation. He tells her that Logan would be proud, and because that scene is so well written, the reader is proud of her as well. Also, we get to learn a little more about the clones and their break out from Alchemax, and that sheds some much needed light on the situation on the whole.

The “Isn’t Very Nice”: As stated above, the story really hasn’t picked up since the beginning of this series. The real story should be Laura taking on the role of Wolverine, and how she is dealing with that and how it affects her. The flashback sequence in the first issue with her and Logan was amazing, and really made me, as a reader and fan of the character, wanting more of just that. Yet, the main story of the clones of X-23, and how they are different yet the same as her, and how she wants to redeem them and help them live isn’t as compelling as it could be. It just seems like a misstep right out of the gate for a book that had almost a clean slate to work with, as a new character takes on the mantle of an old one. The little gems, like the interaction with Doctor Strange in Wolverine #4, are few and far between, and should really be focused on more for this series to gain momentum.

FBI Score: 6 out of 10. A good conversation between Wolverine and Doctor Strange addressing the fact that X-23 is the new Wolverine was not enough to really pull an otherwise lackluster story out of its recent doldrums. Also, a Wolverine book without a single “Snikt” should be a cardinal sin.

Jeff Ayers

Both my parents instilled in me at an early age the awesome power and incredible wonder of the written word. My father sat with me when I was four years old and taught me to enjoy reading with classic comic strips like SPIDERMAN, PEANUTS, B.C. and, later, CALVIN AND HOBBES. My mother exposed me to such classics of literature as Poe, Tolkien, Stoker and Doyle, and I started my own comic collection with allowance money from mowing lawns. I liked Wolverine before it was cool, I watched as Superman died and returned, and huddled under the covers as I turned the pages of SANDMAN. Reading is like oxygen to me, and all genres and formats are welcome and devoured equally. I am the co-host of The DW and Incredible Jeff Show, CEO of Permian Productions, and a reviewer at Graphic Novel Reporter. I am 34 and live in scenic Saratoga Springs New York, where I haunt coffee shops and dive bars and the best comic shop anywhere, The Comic Depot.

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