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CBMB: The Russo Brothers Discuss Captain America and Agent Carter

By Muuka Muyumba

In a wide-ranging conversation with Collider about everything from their involvement in Community, Arrested Development, and Marvel, the directing team of Joe and Anthony Russo.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was the Russos first foray into big budget action movies, and a smashing success for Marvel/Disney. Captain America 2 has spent most of 2014 as the #1 movie at the domestic box office before recently being eclilpsed by their sister Guardians of the Galaxy. The Russos gained a great deal of acclaim as go-to comedy directors, but Marvel shocked many pundits and fan by hiring them to helm this action-packed follow up to Captain America: The First Avenger.

Shortly after Captain America 2 exploded with an opening weekend of $96 million, Marvel/Disney tapped the Russos to return for the 3rd installment (and 1st post-Age of Ultron movie) of Cap’s saga. Collider’s Adam Chitwood recently sat down with the directors who revealed that they would be back on set filming in spring 2015 in Atlanta. They also noted that Atlanta would not be their only stop as the majority of work there would be “stage work.”

The brothers also noted that the script was only in first draft after a re-imagining of the first treatment from earlier this year. Joe Russo said that the script had been “…through many iterations”, which is “…part of the process and what we like, is that you stretch and pull and kick it every which way you can and then the best iseas usually end up floating to the surface. So we did many iteration of what Cap 3 could be, and I think we finally settled on the strongest concept, which also is something that’s been in Kevin [Feige’s] head for a while.” The analysis of this process is very indicative of the way that Marvel works, which has been detailed at length previously, but also stems from the “Marvel Method” established years ago when they.

To that end, Chitwood asked about how much input the Russos and the writers had on a method where Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige sets “beats” for the plot and picks the characters for the film. One beat that Feige has acknowledged that for The Winter Soldier was that he wanted the Hellicarriers crashing into the Triskelion at the end. So Feige’s method is typically setting out the beats and allowing the writers and director to fill the stretch between each signpost.

As confining as that method may appear, the Russos offered that the process is actually “pretty wide open” as Feige would have a big idea that affects the whole universe. Joe Russo even characterized the amount of room as almost too daunting at time. We saw an example of the amount of latitude given to the filmmakers with Iron Man 3 where we saw the classic Iron Man villain the Mandarin retconned for a new generation as the bumbling Trevor Slattery.

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On the other hand, this method has also proven to be a bit of a sticky-wicket when you consider what occurred with Ant-Man. Fanboy favorite writer/director Edgar Wright had been in the Marvel stable since the origins of the universe, but had to put off his Ant-Man project for almost 10 years until he had to time to actually produce the film. Then Iron Man ended with Samuel L. Jackson appearing and changed the game. So, then by the time that Wright was prepared to execute his vision, Marvel’s method had blown past what he and Joe Cornish had built. Feige tried to impress his beats on the 2006 script for a 2014 Ant-Man project, but eventually the method broke the relationship. Wright could not follow the vision he had created along with Feige’s beats and keep his vision true. Wright left the project in spring 2014 and was ultimately replaced by Peyton Reed and a treatment by comedy writer/director Adam McKay. Despite all this turmoil, Ant-Man has begun filming and is still set for release on July 17, 2105, proving that Marvel’s method would possibly always win out.

Question remains whether the method will overwhelm the creative process, but Marvel’s current success suggests that the creative and commerce can co-exist.

For the sake of the Russos, they (along with the writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus) appear to have the heft after The Winter Soldier to have greater influence on Captain America 3. The Russos talked about whether Jeremy Renner would be involved in the film, but focused mostly on the fact that he was supposed to be in Cap 2. Renner is very busy, as the Russos state, so he may not have the time to be in Cap 3.

The Russos also said that they don’t have a title yet (which is probably in Feige’s head), but also said that Cap 2’s sub-titular character would be very likely returning based on the popularity of Sebastian Stan‘s Winter Soldier. Joe Russo said that Bucky’s story was only partially told in The Winter Soldier and Bucky’s reclamation would likely be wrapped up in Captain America 3.

Finally, The Russos spoke on the significance of Captain America 3 in a conversation with Crave Online. They noted that this time, Feige was again plotting out big universe-altering plans for the end of the trilogy.

Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Emily VanCamp, and Frank Grillo are reported to return for Captain America 3 under the direction of the Russos, and currently scheduled for release on May 6, 2016.

Before the conversation with Collider ended, The Russos also talked about their involvement in the upcoming midseason replacement show, Agent Carter, which is set to start filming soon and features Hayley Atwell returning to play Peggy Carter. Anthony Russo offered that they were still in the middle of development for Cap 3, but each brother would direct episodes of Agent Carter separately (as well as returning to Community for Yahoo.com).

Then it was Joe Russo’s turn to discuss tone, which he acknowledged was set by the Agent Carter One Shot directed by Louis D’Esposito with the executive producers and Markus and McFeely setting a course for where they want to take the show. The Russo also note that most of their input will be more technical in nature. Agent Carter is likely to premiere some time in January 2015, but we also know that Peggy will have be part in the premiere of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on September 23rd at 9 PM on ABC.