CBMB: Marvel Studios Prexy Discusses the State of the Marvel Cinematic Universe | FanboysInc

CBMB: Marvel Studios Prexy Discusses the State of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

By Muuka Muyumba

During a Q&A promoting the Blu-ray release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel president Kevin Feige and producer Jeremy Latcham opened up to reporters about several aspects of the MCU including how special bringing 15-year-old Spider-Man (Tom Holland) into the MCU is for him.

Despite spear-heading the MCU with Iron Man, Feige has always been particularly focused on Spider-Man ever since his involvement in the first Spider-Man trilogy of films. “Making that agreement … was great, and was really amazing, and on a personal level making these movies, it means a lot because I think we can do great things with Spider-Man,” Feige said. “I think Spider-Man can serve great purpose in our universe and that’s where he belongs. That was what was unique about him in the comics was not that he was the only superhero in the world; it’s that he was a totally different kind of superhero when compared against all the other ones in the Marvel universe at the time.”

Feige acknowledged that they always had contingencies for Spider-Man’s absence from the MCU, and Captain America: Civil War. “We always sort of operate under those various alternate timelines available and ready to shift if something happens.”

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Although Feige now has Spider-Man, he stated that Civil War is definitely a Cap story that finishes up the original Cap trilogy. “There were a lot of characters in The Winter Soldier, but it felt like a very singular and relatively simple thriller. Civil War follows in that same way,” Feige said. “I think that’s something [directors Joe and Anthony Russo] pride themselves on, and our screenwriters Chris Markus and Steve McFeely are excellent at giving each character just enough. They’re not full arcs for everybody; it’s just enough that their presence is felt and important, but that the very clear single story that is being told is being served at all times.”

Feige also indirectly addressed some recent storylines about the executive structures changing by acknowledging that Marvel’s TV universe is still part of the film world. “I think that’s inevitable at some point as we’re plotting the movies going forward and they’re doing the shows,” Feige said, but also pointed out that the schedules “do not always quite match up to make that possible.” Feige’s statements give more credence to the idea that TV cameos in the films are less likely moreso because of scheduling than any difficulties between Feige and anyone else in Marvel’s corporate structure.

Feige also gave another indication of how strict that schedule might get as they move to forward. Feige was specifically asked whether they would bring back Marvel One-Shots as they shifted into 3 movies a year.

“We talk about that a lot actually, because when you have tables like that (lots of potential storylines, most unexplored in the finished film), and we go, What are we going to do with Howard? What are we going to do with Cosmo? We should do a one shot with Michael Pena. I mean, the universe is big. We’re moving up to three movies a year and I’m not sure how much beyond that we can go so the one shots are great for: oh we have this great idea, wouldn’t it be fun to see… We talk about it a lot. We’re a relatively small team. We’re comfortable doing three movies a year so its just about finding the time and the place. But we have a backlog of ideas.”

Marvel heads into their last 2-film year in 2016 with Civil War and Dr. Strange, and Feige teased that they will soon be announcing official casting for Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 soon.