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CBMB: Is John Boyega Coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

By Muuka Muyumba

John Boyega (Attack of the Block) should be happy and busy, dealing with his starring role in Star Wars Episode VII, but he apparently isn’t satisfied with being a Jedi or the next Han Solo. Earlier today he went on a twitter run first speculating on his interest in working with Marvel Studios, keeping it in the Disney family


Boyega has long been considered an obvious choice for the role of the Wakandan prince, but also mentioned some interest in possibly being part of the Nova Corps. His star continues to rise as he grabbed a key role on the rebirth of 24 and Star Wars. In fact, rumors are that Boyega is actually THE lead role in Episode 7.

Recently, Devin Faraci of BadAss Digest reported on some rumors (READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL) that he heard about the story, which he said (no spoiler) positions Boyega playing someone trying to change his path in life, kicking off the new Star Wars adventure.

Marvel has also been busy announcing dates for their upcoming movie slate with some assuming that Black Panther falls into one of those open slots not dedicated to a sequel. So it may not be a leap to think that Marvel President Kevin Feige may be casting actors for roles that may come up in those various titles through 2019.

What happens remains to be seen and we may know a bit more this Saturday at Comic-Con in San Diego!