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CBMB: First Look at the Full Deadshot Costume

By Muuka Muyumba

Will Smith portrays Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot in the Suicide Squad who has primarily been an enemy of Batman and sometimes takes the role of a Supervillain. The character first appears in Batman #59 (June/July 1950) and was created by Bob Kane, David Vern Reed and Lew Schwartz.


Deadshot has been a major figure in the Suicide Squad where his skills as a marksman and his disregard for human life serve to advance the group’s objectives. His disregard for human life stems from his desire to die in a spectacular fashion, this being his primary motivation for joining the Squad. He feels he has no reason to continue living, and, while he does not want to commit suicide, he simply does not care if he dies mainly because his estranged daughter and wife don’t want anything to do with his violent past.

Suicide Squad comes on in August of 2016.