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BREAKING NEWS: The Legendary Herb Trimpe Passes Away

By Mike Sains

Legendary comic book artist, writer, inker, and creator Herb Trimpe has passed away at the age of 75. Most well-known for his spent time on The Incredible Hulk and for being the co-creator of and first artist to ever depict The Wolverine – one of Marvel’s most successful characters ever created – on the comic book page. Born in 1939, Herb’s list of credits spans all the way from penciling for titles like The Avengers in 1963 to G.I. Joe as recently as 2014. Needless to say, comic book creators, for generations, have drawn inspiration from his work.

Just this last weekend, FBI’s very own DW was spending time with Mr. Trimpe, a creator he considers to be his personal friend, and it breaks our hearts to find out about this terrible news.

Herb Trimpe was born and raised in upstate New York in the town of Peekskill. Mr. Trimpe is survived by his wife and four children and a legacy of contributions to the comic book community that will be read and re-read for decades to come.

Without a doubt, the internet is reacting with a solemn overall feeling. Here are quotes from artists who owe a great deal to Mr. Trimpe’s work:


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